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Digging into History: Doubting Thomas look to Egypt

Isn't she C.U.T.E? The doubting Thomas often gets a bad rap. And curious cats can end up in a BAD way. (Dead. But you didn’t hear that from me. Boo is sitting on my lap. LoL.) But whether you’re dying to know or refusing to belief without seeing, there’s always more than one way to… Continue reading Digging into History: Doubting Thomas look to Egypt

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Tomb Raider—Egyptian style

Think Laura Croft has tagged all the tombs? Think again, and don’t kid yourself. My history freak is absolutely blog worthy. Even for an inspy suspense/romance writer. Hidden bones, exotic lands, and ancient civilizations are the stuff of stories—contemporary and historical. Welcome to the tomb of Wahtye! And this is a doozie. An archeological expedition,… Continue reading Tomb Raider—Egyptian style