Is this a one-stop shop?

Oh, yes!

If you’re in search of swoony heroes, savvy heroines, and inspired run-for-your-life romance, you’re in the right place. Same thing for sweet, clean short reads.

Honestly, I need you, too. Your voices, your views, and your support to write what you want to read. If you’d like to see something, say something. (That includes whether or not you think Snap Chat–red sunglasses and a blonde wig–filters are fun. I’m having a blast.)

Overworked heroines with huge hearts and indulgent alpha males are my favorites. But viva la difference. I’m eclectic by nature and nature abhors a vacuum. So if I’m missing something, please say something. And follow me. I’ll return the favor and maybe, just maybe, we can change the world one book at a time….

…even if that world consists of a locked door, a bubble bath, and whatever it takes to help you unwind when you need it most!