Backup, backup, backup

Ann Malley here, returned from Crash Mountain.

Thank goodness. I was dead in the proverbial water for nearly two days attempting to resurface. Laptop system failure. No fun. And no good for the fingernails I’m attempting to keep for once in my life. (Any/all tips for nails predestined to peel are welcome!)

What happened? I still don’t know. I don’t care—not at this point—but am happy to report that a niggling of back-that-up from sage younger daughter snatched me from writer’s hell. The saved info saved me from going ape. My nearly 20-year old son, fond of cyber-code God love him, was able to execute a root command that brought my catatonic Toshiba back from the dead. (It pays to know people or feed them, especially when they have knowledge you lack. My oldest girl, successfully fledged these 7 years, will advise without food and quite handily at that. Did I say I’m blessed?)

But I was already rockin’ with new words and no worries–no more than usual–because, for once, I listened.

Norton 360 Premier is now duly installed on my new HP Silver Fusion i3. And my San Disk USB 3.0 is not gathering any dust.

No doubt Boo, my spooky little kitty, had some thoughts on the matter, but she wisely keeps them to herself as she knows who holds the kibble bag. Check it out.


Anyway, I’m back. Back in business and a firm believer in backing up your data. (That goes for saving warranties, how-to’s, and anything related to supporting the vault where you keep those lovelies that are nearly impossible to resurrect.)

I’m already a serial saver, but get that thumb-drive or whatever peripheral you prefer and BACKUP YOUR DATA. You won’t be sorry you did.

Write on!



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