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RoboFly: Coming to a swarm near you!

Privacy is a luxury. At least in today’s world.

I write romance. The inspirational kind, spiked with suspense and bad-nasty killers.

Innuendo? Love it! The classic giveaways of a blush and banter keep me turning pages. The character who vows he’s telling the truth while looking down and to the left is most often lying. The person with the pinched lips is not a happy camper. And a tapping a foot or finger equals agitation.  

Human are forever flashing tells—unconscious gestures that reveal the secrets they’d prefer were hidden.

Writer’s Write offers a lovely cheat sheet for pumping up dialogue. It comes complete with the body language that tells the real story despite what your characters say. Steepled fingers indicates thoughtfulness. Crossing one’s legs indicates desire. (Even if the character doesn’t know how they feel!) So watch out for what you do—I mean what your characters do.

But technology marches on.

Enter RoboFly. He’s light. Ready for flight. And wireless.

“Imagine an insect that can alight along a pipeline to sniff out gas leaks, swoop beneath plants to detect pests and disease,” NBC reports, “and slip into tiny spaces to find disaster survivors. Now imagine holding a laser that can control its every move.

Sorry, but this writer is imagining far more.

RoboFly is small. RoboFly is remote. RoboFly will do whatever the holder of the laser—if you’ve seen Austin Powers, think Dr. Evil—wants it to do. RoboFly is the latest and greatest way to find out what others are doing, talking about, attempting to hide. You name it. So much for a closed door. Who needs tells?

RoboFly can potentially get in through a window, a chimney, an air vent. Seeing what “you” may not want exposed.

Creepy, huh. But great stuff for novels.

“With the rapid advances in drone technology spanning the 20th century, it should come as no surprise that miniature flying robots are on the horizon: Between now and 2020, Goldman Sachs’ forecasts a $100 billion market opportunity for drones, helped by growing demand from the commercial and civil government sectors.”

I predict a growing sector in fiction, although the cross-over into real life is what gives me the willies.


Write on!


2 thoughts on “RoboFly: Coming to a swarm near you!”

    1. It is creepy. I love technology. What I don’t like is the happy-clappy ushering in of insidious spyware. Doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy. Thanks for sharing this on your blog. It’s good to know what’s out there. 🙂

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