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Rain, rain go away! What moves you to write?

It’s raining in Northern Virginia—again.

This would be welcome news if the summer had been sizzling as summers are supposed to be. I should be cranking about my brown lawn about now.  We don’t have a drip system outside of God’s garden hose and yours truly so a brownish lawn is typically where it’s at come November. But a soggier, danker summer I’ve never had. (It seems the worst of Oregon living has flown like the downside of childbirth. Oregon is a gray state if ever there were, but I digress.)

The pitter patter of wet stuff woke me up at about 6:00 AM—an early morning write up call. And a good thing considering NaNoWriMo is underway.

There’s no busting-out-all-over sensation driving me to explore the great outdoors. Snuggling down with my laptop and getting into Grinch mode are the order of this day. I pity the poor folks at Lidl who’ll have to interact with me when the need for groceries kicks in. And it always does.

I’ve recently discovered Cranberry Wensleydale cheese. Delicious. Must. Eat. It’s the perfect topper for Knäckebröd, that’s crisp rye bread for you non-Swedish speakers. That includes me outside a few choice words I learned from my Swedish mother, and even choicer ones my father taught me before I left home for college. He was Swedish, too, but it was the taint of Irish/English that spurred him to prepare his peanut for the outside world. But I’m not planning on going anywhere at present.

Considering the prediction for winter, I may take up making my new favorite tasties from scratch.

The rain is going away this winter. Snow is predicted to take its place. According to Only In Your State, “The recent publication by the Farmer’s Almanac indicates that winter of 2019 will be characterized by a “teeth-chattering cold,” and the Mid Atlantic is in for quite a bit of snow.”

Oh, joy and rapture. Not!

Not unless I stock up on sweaters, slickers, foodies, and novel ideas. That last always gets me going no matter what the weather is like. 


NaNoWriMo isn’t limited to November. December works. So does January, February, and you get the idea. Writing a book in a month—a rough draft—is a method. A good one worth practicing all year long. Rain or shine. 

And books–both writing and reading them–provide the perfect getaway to sunny locales, danger zones, romantic getaways, or wherever else you wish you could be. Feel free to post your dream destination. Tell us why you like to go there, even its only in your mind. It could be just the motivation I need to write the next, best inspy romantic suspense!

So rain, rain go away. Bring on the snow. Even the teeth-chattering cold. So long as there are novel ideas to get us through the worst part—reading, writing, or both—we’ll make it! 

Write on…



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