Wilhelmina Wooster

There’s Something about Rock: a MUST read from Wilhelmina Wooster who always follows the formula.

Romance novels. . . they’re all the same. It’s a formula.
The charges are set most often at the feet of HEA writers, but no doubt mystery writers–inclined to solve the crimes they create if they hope to publish–are subject to the same shade. We follow formulas.
Well, duh.
There’s a beginning, middle, and end in books. That’s a formula, right? So is sitting down to write and getting a book out of the method engaged to produce one. You don’t get out what you fail to put in. Big mystery.
But writers, though being the same on some levels–we’re all human, at least thus far–are DIFFERENT.
We have different voices, approaches, vocabularies, sentence structure, likes, dislikes, and different experiences. But if you’re into formulas and NEED A LAUGH, take a peek at my attempt at using a Plot Generator–a ton of fun for the whole family. A great way to break from NaNoWriMo pressure and get a taste for what formula is. Not a bad thing, but necessary as writers are there to create an experience, explore conflict, and provide a resolution.
And if this is you:
… strung out on Writer’s Block, needing inspiration, a means to stop taking yourself and your writing too seriously, keep reading.

There's something about Rock

There’s something about Rock

A Frantic Romance
by Wilhelmina Wooster

Nigela Snooty-Prim is a hairless, impish and bold archivist from Tibet. Her life is going nowhere until she meets Rock Dickson, a towering, clammy man with a passion for truth.

Nigela takes an instant disliking to Rock and the nauseatingly present and blubbering ways he learnt during his years in New Jersey.

However, when a elitist tries to smother Nigela, Rock springs to the rescue. Nigela begins to notices that Rock is actually rather grateful at heart.

But, the pressures of Rock’s job as a botanical fellow leave him blind to Nigela’s affections and Nigela takes up rage poetry to try an distract himself.

Finally, when annoyingly capable trapese artist, Sir Filbert Filbert Esquire, threatens to come between them, Rock has to act fast. But will they ever find the frantic love that they deserve?


So, what do you think? Should I write this? Explore the possibilities? All the hooks and conflict are there. Adventure. Mystery. Romance. Are you rooting for Ms. Snooty-Prim and her clammy Rock?

My alter-ego may not be your thing–Wilhelmina Wooster is an acquired taste–but that’s what a plot generator is all about. But if you need inspiration for your mystery, horror, screenplay, romance, fairytale, meme or memoir of what it’s like being a smelly troll, Plot Generator has you covered. 

Write on!


4 thoughts on “There’s Something about Rock: a MUST read from Wilhelmina Wooster who always follows the formula.”

  1. Bwahahaha, I love it. Yes, in writing we do use formulas when we don’t people complain it is to complicated. Also, it is the journey not the ending that matters.


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