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#CYBERMonday: Shop and SELL! Use the tag.

Monday morning got you down?

Chin up. It’s “Cyber-Monday”. That’s the internet equivalent of Black Friday. Just in time to start your week out right.

 So, if you’re a writer, be sure to check out deals at WritersStore.com for your software needs. Advertised sales are up to 70%! Not a bad savings with the year coming to a close. 2019, with its cash-based resolutions, is little more than a month away.

So check it out. 

Dramatica Story Expert

  • Story development software for screenplays and novels
  • Offers 56 story points to control your project’s underlying story form
  • Helps build plot, characters and theme, and puts it all into a solid step outline

Save the Cat

  • Story outline software program for screenplays
  • Guides you through the complete story development process step-by-step
  • Contains the method used by one of Hollywood’s most successful scriptwriters

Master Writer 3.0

  • Whether you’re writing a song, poem, novel or screenplay, MasterWriter will help you to express yourself in a unique and more meaningful way
  • Find just the right word or phrase with the tap of a button
  • Save hours of wracking your brain for that perfect word. Let MasterWriter do the heavy lifting!


  • Character development software based on archetypes for writers of any genre
  • Create dynamic characters using set personality traits, qualities, flaws, background, occupations and more
  • Give your great story the dynamic, fully fleshed out characters it deserves

Best Buy is eager to sell you the perfect laptop.

Microsoft is going the direct route to pull in some end of the year profits. But, hey, motivatedsellers equals low prices. 

Manufacturers, distributers, retail outlets are eager toclear out stock for next year’s latest and greatest. And, let’s face it, we writers need our goodies, too. Right? Of course, right.

READERS do too!

So if you’re an Indie Published Author—GET ON IT.

CyberMonday is upon us. That tag is going to see action tomorrow. Don’t miss out. (#CyberMondayDeals #cybermondaysale #CyberMonday2018 – You get the idea!) Might as well take advantage and give buyers a break . . . if you can.

Write on!


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