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Tomb Raider—Egyptian style

Think Laura Croft has tagged all the tombs? Think again, and don’t kid yourself. My history freak is absolutely blog worthy. Even for an inspy suspense/romance writer. Hidden bones, exotic lands, and ancient civilizations are the stuff of stories—contemporary and historical.

And this is a doozie. An archeological expedition, led by Secretary General, Mostafa Waziri of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, has unearthed an untouched grave south of Cairo. That’s right. The looters missed one. That’s ancient looters. I’m on the fence about disturbing the dead here. (Too many stories of ancient curses???) But here I am. Excited, intrigued, and wishing genies were real so I could blink over to North Africa.

This crypt, discovered at the Saqqara dig site, dates to the 5th dynasty. That’s the reign of the pharaoh’s over 4,400 years ago.

“The tomb belonged to a royal purification priest known as “Wahtye,” Khaled al-Anani, Antiquities Minister, told CNN. “Inscriptions suggested the priest had served during the reign of King Nefer-Ir-Ka-Re and was the king’s supervisor and inspector of the holy boat.” (I’m inspired. How about you??)

Whoever this individual was in life, he warranted a fantastic send off.

The site has barely been plumbed but has already yielded copious murals, statuary, and a wealth of relief sculpture. Like a step back in time, the vaults are revealing their secrets. The colors are crisp, too, despite the passage of epochs. So is the reality of daily life.

Representations include, “the manufacturing of pottery and wine, making religious offering, musical performances, boats sailing, the manufacturing of the funerary furniture, and hunting,” according to Egypt Today. Five sealed shafts have been identified beneath the dust.

That means there’s plenty more to find. Like the Royal Priest Wahtye’s sarcophagus! But if you can’t get to Egypt, or don’t want to wait for dusty discoveries, no worries.

Zambian born octogenarian Wilbur Smith has you covered. He’s been at the writing craft since the ’60’s and, man, he’s GOOD. Smith is he who gave me a fear of Egyptian no-go-zones. At an early age. And I’m soooo glad he did.

Write on!


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  1. This is so cool! Many years ago, definitely the last century, I had a chance to go to Los Angeles and see King Tut’s artifacts. What stays in my mind is that gold inlaid image of the boy king. Whether or not my then 4 year old daughter remembers any of it is another matter.

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