Review: A Merry Navidad

It’s a Merry Navidad for sure with cozy holiday romance and recipes to boot. The Mimosa Blossom’s Michelle gives this novella collection a solid 5 out of 5 stars.

But that’s what you get when Christian authors Kathi Macias, Allison K Garcia, Linda K Rodante, and Cynthia Marcano join forces to give readers a taste of a Latino Christmas.

Write on!

The Mimosa Blossom

`A Merry Navidad` is a collection of four different novellas by four different authors. Recipes are included at the end of each story which is a bonus. I appreciate that there is also a dictionary for Latino words the reader may not be familiar with. 

La Familia Es ToDo (Kathi Macias) In this story the reader learns family is important to God.

Navidad and Familia (Allison K Garcia) A family learns the true meaning of Christmas as they work together during a blizzard.

A Tamale Christmas (Linda K Rodante) Jessica Saltare is a single mom attending a Christian college. Emmanuel Rodriguez is an attractive, nice, single Latino who attends the same college. I was pleased to see that this story also features the Biblical account of the true Christmas story.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Cocoa (Cynthia Marcano) A love story.

I found it interesting to learn that…

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