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Want a long life? Avoid Men!

Yes, I still write romance. I’ll be making an announcement soon about contracts and other lovelies. But this tidbit from Healthy Food House—an oldie but a goodie—is too choice to pass. (Not like men ;^)

Come to mama!

Seriously, though. When you want something, it’s typically a good idea to ask those who’ve already got—how to.  Raise your hand if you’ve ever sworn off chocolate, cheese, carbs, or couch lounging to get fit? (I’ll never forget a Red Lobster date night featuring me salivating after a saltine cracker when I could have all the lobster and butter I wanted. Torture! And what’s with my obsession with things that begin with the letter “C”? ;^)

Needs must, however. So, “Holiday Retirement conducted a massive across-America survey, inspecting seniors over 100 what the reason for their longevity was,” back in ’15. The typical responses of “family” and “living life to the fullest” are all well and good. But if you are the extreme type—and what is Atkins?—read on.

Jessie Gallan–telling it like it is

She’s gone now, but before passing Jessie Gallan, age 109 left this sage piece of advice. “My secret to a long life has been staying away from men. They’re just more trouble than they’re worth.”


Avoid men?

As in all together?

Fathers, brothers—the UPS driver?

She could have cut you out completely, Dude.

One has to wonder at the source of Gallan’s wisdom. Personal experience? Once bitten forever shy? The lovely lady didn’t say, but remained positive sticking to reminiscences of her bucolic Scottish roots and the presence of good friends. (Friend-zoning may be the answer for those who can’t go cold turkey on the man ban.)

“She went to school for a short bit but then continued with finding a job in a farm kitchen. Following her first job, Gallan worked as a housemaid in the city as well. She worked in a wealthy family, after which she moved onto working in the service industry.”

Gallan seemed very happy with her choices whatever her motives for pronouncing a moratorium on males.

Men just aren’t worth the trouble. Translated: Come and get me!

One thing is certain. Jessie Gallan was a character. A strong, opinionated woman to contemplate. To write about? A type that, if she were younger, may well have met a battery of dashing suitors intent on breaching her sky-high wall.  Rakes, romantics, or Mr. Right? Imagine those bold statements coming from a younger woman. You get the idea…

Write on!


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