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Christian Fiction: Personal Shopper

No do-overs for wasted time!

Time is precious. Productive people make the most of it. Those with too much time often waste what they have, regretting it later when time has run out.

But whether you’re pressed or blessed with abundance, if you like a good inspy, you’ll LOVE this new service offered by Christian Book Heaven.

Monday thru Friday email alerts unite readers with Christion ebook deals. That often translates to lower prices. Although a reasonably priced book is often the best deal already, offering top quality entertainment as is.

I’d like more Forget Me Not Romances, please!

Genres tracked range from Amish, Fantasy, Romantic Suspense, Biblical Fiction, Children and Middle Grade. They also cover non-Fiction. Visit Christian Book Heaven for details, and sign up if you value your time . . . and money.

Writer’s may discover that hiring a personal shopper to advertise their work pays. Discounting or bundling books is a great way to tempt new readers. But even the most ardent book lover can’t feast on a deal they don’t KNOW is out there.

Time is precious, so let’s make the best use of it.

Write on!


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