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Celebration Exodus: Move it on out, girl!

OMG – maybe that was Bruce Willis manhandling boxes in my room?

It came. The new chair! And a desk actually intended for an adult. Squeee. Check out the Grinch doing what grinches do—at least in my house. Mattresses aren’t their only fetish.

Apparently, there’s something primal about schlepping two ton boxes and “building” desks. A 54″ Bayside cutie with 3 built in USB and 2 power ports satisfied appetites this time out.

Women don’t have six arms, but they often have bad backs.

Mine, too. The older I get the less inclined I am to prove squat. To include taking on mammoth tasks that make either my back or my wallet weep. Yes, I could have put the desk together, but my good-hearted Grinch is close at hand. And Costco is reasonable.

Pressed into service but smiling–and in a picture, too!

Father and son tackled the shift from teeny scribe station to a spine sensitive office setup. THANK YOU! It doesn’t matter that Nick was roped into service–posing for photos is such drudgery. But hey, rent must be paid. I paid mine back in the day ;^)

My contribution now is looking ahead. Clinging to outmoded ideas–and furniture–is not smart. Not when better options are there, ready and willing to make life easier for yours truly. You did catch that this new desk has built in USB and power ports? Out with the old. And no tears this time.

A desk with knee space and a chair with lumbar support. Could it be love??

But hey, turning around no longer involves fearing my chair may fall apart while minding fingers so they don’t get mashed. Again. That mesh seat? Breathable. Perfect for long hours spent doing what I do best. Writing. Creating roller coaster romantic suspense that takes me away. You can come, too, when FALLEN ANGEL, Book One in my DIAMOND DOGS series is released by Winged Publication: Forget Me Not Romances. Where stories really do take flight! (Dates will be blogged post haste as they come.)

There’s too much space!

Boo isn’t quite sure what to make of this new setup. She stands at the ready to be picked up whenever she feels the urge to spy on the birds below my window. But she’s a free agent when it comes to getting lap time and cuddles. Wisk. She hops right up since there’s plenty of room. Now to find a protective glass shield to defend against kitty claws. I want this desk to last, but finding a glass top is a challenge. Unless I’m willing to part with $209.00 which I am not. Can you say recycled glass?

Meanwhile, I’m digging into my next novel, CRAVING GRACE—Don’t we all?—Book 2 of DIAMOND DOGS.

2019 has me saying goodbye to a lot of things: delusions about doing it all myself, furniture best retired, and other bad habits—like penning myself into big 5 publishing. I’m so exciting about learning to fly with Winged Publications: Forget Me Not Romances. I hope you are, too.

Write on!


4 thoughts on “Celebration Exodus: Move it on out, girl!”

  1. Lovely desk! Bells and whistles sounds so exciting. I’ll think of you, kicked back in that comfy chair, writing all those great novels.


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