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She’s keeping her baby–FALLEN ANGEL: Diamond Dogs Book 1

She’s #keepingherbaby. Join rape survivor Angel le Blanc on a terror fueled mission to stay alive. . . if only to protect her innocent child. #inspy #Christian #newrelease #mustread #romanticsuspense #prolife #amreading

This is only some of the ad copy I’m engaging to spread the word about my debut novel FALLEN ANGEL: Diamond Dogs Book 1 released by Winged Publications Forget Me Not Romances and available on Amazon Kindle. (Hard copy versions to follow. Believe me, I’ll let you know ;^)

NO, the whole world can’t get pregnant, it just feels that way. Kind of like getting published.

Am I excited? You bet. I’ve been writing novels–I can’t recall how many–ever since depression hit like a sledgehammer when I finally became pregnant with Melanie, my oldest daughter. The self-care guru. You’d think it would have been one of the happiest times of my life. And it was. But after a half decade of infertility–shots, surgeries, temperature taking and untold lovelies that worked better than any birth control–I found myself needing something else. Something meaty to absorb the obsessive compulsive. Something to focus on. Anything.

Kiddos need attention, but hyper vigilance often leads to helicopter parenting. An entirely different subject. (Melanie penned her first novel A Princess and the Mummy at age 4. A graphic novel ;^) This latest baby, FALLEN ANGEL, is taking the spotlight today. The first in a series of buckle-in books. Tales to sink readers deep into the experience of being a target and what it means to fight back. As a civilian or a security cleared member of an elite, compartmentalized black ops organization. (Roham Arshad, the CIA contribution to the Inter-Agency Diamond Dogs, finds the battle against self almost as hard as the most hardened terrorist. But that’s what happens when the lines between work and romance cross. Life is messy.)

But there’s more than stalking, explosions and the creeping unknown.

Your life WILL change.

FALLEN ANGEL covers the familiar. For who hasn’t experienced what it’s like to do the right thing–what conscience demands–only to have the world turn against you. Sometimes we even doubt ourselves.

Channel your inner mama bear and see where it leads!

And it’s not only Christians who experience the struggle. The fight to do what’s right, what you need to do for yourself other others is real. Goodness knows I’m familiar with that. And not only because I’ve plowed through the countless manuscripts that led to today. Squeee. I’m a published author!

Thanks for reading. Thanks for following. And . . .

Write on!


4 thoughts on “She’s keeping her baby–FALLEN ANGEL: Diamond Dogs Book 1”

  1. Well done, Ann! Congratulations on your debut novel!! It’s a nail biter. And, writing is very much like giving birth… think you’ll come up with nothing, you admire how pretty it is, you love it, and it hurts to send it out in the world. Woe to any who dare hint your baby is ugly. May Angel and her siblings shine for years and years!!

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    1. Thanks, Di. Your wisdom and insight are invaluable. I can’t wait for Di’s Maine Men to touch base with — hmmm — Rogues of the Rogue??? Write on my friend ;^)


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