IDK, Am I Hip? #WriterAcronyms

Check in with The Bachelorette Blogger author, René Penn, to learn how HIP you are. And what it takes to get there if you’re not. LoL ;^)

Write ON!

Rene Penn

Word Art

A long-time friend sent a group text announcing what “IDK” means. Her pre-teen had filled her in on the acronym. IDK stands for I don’t know, she wrote. She was passing on the knowledge to us forty-somethings to keep us “hip.”

The “hip” comment was the icing on the cake.

I must proudly say that I’ve known what IDK means for some time, and was slightly surprised that the others in the group didn’t know. To be fair, one other friend knew, too. But two out of five isn’t the best score.

The text message got me thinking. How did I know about IDK? Or IKR or IMHO, for that matter? The answer is Twitter.


Ever since I got active on Twitter about two years ago, I’ve been decoding and learning the popular acronyms. I’ve hit Google many times for translation. It always helps.

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