IDK, Am I Hip? Part Two

Want to smile? Get in touch? Reconnect? (With yourself, the world, and your characters?)

This blog is pure GOLD for writers and readers alike in addressing the age gap. But that’s what I’ve come to expect from René Penn, aspiring author and solidly HIP gal pal who never fails to inspire.

Read on. Expect GREAT things. Visit René Penn and . . .

Write on! (HIP speak if you’re of a certain generation, but the sentiment applies no matter what.)

Rene Penn

Word Art-2Last week, I wrote about #WriterAcronyms, and how important it is to understand them if you’re a writer using social media. I also joked about the word “hip”. The concept deserved its own post. So here we are…

“Hip” Awareness and Lack Thereof

Per Dictionary. com, one of the definitions for hip is:

“familiar with or informed about the latest ideas, styles, developments, etc.”

Example sentence, “My parents aren’t exactly hip, you know.”

If I weren’t a writer, I probably wouldn’t think twice about the word “hip” and the concept it represents. But as someone in her 40s working on a fiction project with main characters in their late 20s, I wonder about these things.

Do I know enough about the latest trends to write from the perspective of a 27-year-old? Um, I think so.

But every 20 or so pages, I’ll write a bit of dialogue and think, “Would…

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