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Spring is coming: But GREAT READS are already here!

To everything, turn-turn-turn. There IS a season for all things. And spring flowers are just around the corner. I nearly stomped them this afternoon when tending those lovely details that keep us going—grocery shopping.

Rocket shopping. Who has time?

It’s a hassle, but people need to eat.  Getting bags into the house can be fun—sarcasm on. Bad back, multiple vehicles, garbage cans, twisty walkways, and that jumbo hose box I thought I’d love take time to navigate.

Tulips don’t have an easy time of it.

In an effort to save precious minutes, I took the easy route. Through the barren flower garden. That’s when I almost did it. I nearly crunched my tulips just as the sprouts were muscling their way past the hardened dirt. (Paper whites are around the side of the house.)

I didn’t notice them. I didn’t have time. Seasons changing was the last thing on my mind. Getting back to work is all that mattered. Meanwhile, the bulbs under the ground, despite recent snow and ice, were doing theirs.

How could I miss that?

Lucky for me my ‘Grinch’ ALWAYS remembers–sigh.

Probably for the same reason I almost missed Valentine’s Day. Horrible right? So much for being a romantic. But that’s just it. Seasons change. Opportunities come and go. They go pretty quickly if you stomp on them without a backward glance.

When you’re writing—on a deadline—it’s easy to let everything else fall away. You have to, right? New words, rewrites, polishing, tweaking. But new opportunities are ever present. New seasons bringing potential fruit we’ll never taste if we don’t take the time and look around. The same can be said for readers who, busy as anyone else, have precious little to spare on new authors and different genres. We all get in our routines. (I scored filet mignon last night, and a seriously great date by stepping out of my box ;^)

So, if you can, take a minute to smell the roses as the saying goes. Check out what’s in the garden. JenGalaxy4 has some great Christian Book Cover Reveals. Winged Publishing: Forget Me Not Romances has a bouquet of clean reads, mystery, and other exciting adventures. Multi-published Toni Shiloh is ever ready with Sales, Releases, & Giveaways. And there’s always Fallen Angel: DIAMOND DOG Bk 1. LoL. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Always have to get a plug in there, but I do hope you’ll check out Fallen Angel. Kind reviewers who took the time–bless them all–have this to say:

“If you love exotic, action-packed romantic suspense, you’ll love Fallen Angel. Malley is exceptionally skilled at creating atmosphere (read her descriptions of Roham’s oud-soaked family boat, the Amal, for reference) and at leveraging suspenseful elements with rising romantic tension.” Shaen Mehl, Amazon

“I don’t read many inspirational/Christian romances because they have a tendency to get preachy. This book doesn’t. It’s well-written, action-packed, tension-filled, and fast-paced. A good choice for anyone who likes suspense novels that end with a happy ever after.” Lawgirl, Amazon

“Clean language, clean romance AND a HEA. The hero and heroine both were flawed yet likeable. They were human and I loved them both. Very good. Well worth the read.” Kindle Customer, Amazon

“Fallen Angel” is a gripping, suspenseful inspirational thriller romance that keeps the reader on the edge of her seat. I was weak with tension just by the end of three chapters, and it only gets better. Highly recommended.” Mutli-Published Patrice Moore, Good Reads

The perfect setting for a Wild Horse Romance

My next release, Rodeo King: WILD HORSE Bk. 1, is another up and coming I hope you’ll keep it in mind when the season comes. This inspy contemporary set in Montana is not suspense in the strictest sense, but if you’ve ever experienced infertility, you’ll know there’s plenty of space for nail biting intrigue. But whatever your tastes, enjoy the season. Fill that creative well and you may be surprised what flowers.

Write on!


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