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June Foster: The Long Way Home

It’s a long road to a published book. Let’s just say it. The journey from first spark, crafting characters, making settings come alive, to destination HEA –it all takes time.

And more than a touch of Providence.

But knowing where to start is helpful. Knowing what to cut out is even better. So before I get edited into oblivion, here’s June Foster, multi-published powerhouse of inspirational romance and romantic suspense, with a first-hand view on engaging readers–page one!

How the Hero and Heroine in The Long Way Home Met!

Don’t miss the adventure!

I love to begin my novels in the big middle of the action. So in The Long Way Home, the story starts at the JFK airport. David Maguire is just setting foot on US soil after a tour of duty in Germany with the army. He’s so glad to be back home, he feels like kissing the sidewalk outside where he’s waiting for his Uber to show up. He texts his mother in Oak Mountain that he’ll see her tomorrow when he flies to Alabama. For those of you who read A Harvest of Blessing, his mother is Nadia MaGuire.

Blessed terra firma means a great deal depending on your perspective.

As a side note, the idea of kissing the sidewalk came to me because that’s exactly how I felt when I returned from visiting my daughter, who at the time was a missionary in Lima, Peru.

When David gets into the Uber, a good looking woman is fiddling with her cell phone, but when he tries to talk to her, he can’t control his pesky southern accent. A big city woman like her would no doubt ignore him.

Yes, it’s a sparkler, but you’re still single, Jada. And Providence has other plans for you!

Jada Atwood can’t wait to get to her medical conference in Queens. She loves her profession as a registered nurse midwife. Though the guy sharing the Uber with her is muscular and downright nice looking, she’s engaged to another guy so she tries not to stare at David.

Jada and David would probably have never fallen in love if it hadn’t been for two bank robbers who commandeer the Uber. Yes, God can use even bad guys for good.

The perfect view from inside a warm house, but terrifying when you have no idea which way to run and someone wants you dead.

Much later that night, David and Jada have no idea where they are, lost in the blackness of the night in a Pennsylvania forest. It’s then that Jada admires how David prays to God for help and how she longs for his faith to replace the emptiness inside her. And it’s in the forest David begins a compelling urge to protect Jada and keep her safe. And it’s in the forest they begin an adventure they never expected to have.

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June Foster – delivering romance, suspense, and the message of God’s goodness!

June Foster is an award-winning author who began her writing career in an RV roaming around the USA with her husband, Joe. She brags about visiting a location before it becomes the setting in her next contemporary romance or romantic suspense. June’s characters find themselves in precarious circumstances where only God can offer redemption and ultimately freedom. Find June at

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