A Smorgasbord of Writing Ideas

Good food is BETTER shared. And the same can be said for ideas–writing ideas. It’s often the scent of food that makes you hungry, after all, so open your senses to the savory aroma of creative think brought to you by my good friend, the multi-talented René Penn.

Write ON!!

Rene Penn


“You’re a writer? Cool.” I often hear people say that to me, which is nice. Their tone is positive, encouraging. Then about one-third of them will follow up with, “I’ve got this great idea that you could turn into a book.”

They all mean well, and I like to hear their ideas. Love it, in fact. The trouble is, I have too many ideas already, a smorgasbord of them, swarming around in my head.

I’m not alone, right?

There’s this salad-worth of ideas. Not a tiny, cute, side salad. We’re talking, a big entree portion. Like the kind you get at Cheesecake Factory. Where there’s so much stuff on it, you can hardly see the lettuce.

ella-olsson-1184065-unsplash.jpgSometimes, the ideas come in waves

Yesterday was one of those days. Ideas were flowing like the River Jordan. It must’ve been some sort of spiritual-led experience, because I couldn’t have thought of all of…

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