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Erin Unger: Practicing Murder

Well, now that I’ve got your attention, it’s time for a sit-down with Erin. No, she’s not actually killing anyone, but that can’t be said of her skillfully crafted villains who wield psychotic tendencies like a scalpel. Chilling? You bet. Check. IT. Out!!!

Practicing MURDER – by Erin Unger (Releasing March 29, 2019!)


Graduate student Maddie Clare is never talking to her ex-boyfriend Joze Evans or God again. Broken from her past and Joze’s betrayal, she must go home for her Aunt Lonna’s funeral. But after a run-in with a stalker, who insists Maddie knows the secret that had Aunt Lonna investigating him, she’s afraid for her life and must accept Joze’s protection.

As the stalker draws closer, how will Maddie and Joze face the past and their love that never died? And will Maddie stay out of the stalker’s grip long enough to figure out what secret he possesses?

The thrill of evading death and embracing God’s grace is just a click away at Amazon or Pelican Book Group!

Now, let’s dig into Erin’s character –the woman behind the mysterious mayhem.

Who is Erin Unger? And why WRITING?

The light will lead you!

I have always loved to read and write but it wasn’t until I was 27 years old that God told me to become a writer. There have been too many times that I wanted to quit, but God kept nudging me to continue in His plan. And now His light is starting to shine on my path toward being published in a big way. This year I had one book released in January and four more books releasing throughout the year. (Wow. Five books in a year is a pretty clear indicator.

You write romantic suspense, but what’s your message, Erin?

God is still there – call on Him. He’ll never let you down.

I tend to see recurring themes and messages in my novels—even when I’m trying to go for something different. And that message tends to be that bad things happens to good people. It’s not a sign that God doesn’t care or doesn’t exist. Bad things happen to everyone and God wants to use it for our good. I want people to realize that those terrible times when our world is falling apart is a time to for us to grow in Christ. (Well said, and TRUE!)

How does family play a role in your writing?

The best connections for a SERIOUS writer.

I have a very supportive family. They may make it hard to write at times because of their needs, but in the end they are all cheering me on in this crazy writing journey. (You’ve been blessed, Erin, as have we all with a built-in spirit squad! Three cheers for FAMILY!)

Take us through your writing your process.

I’m a plotter by nature. That means lots of long outlines and many hours of research prior to starting a novel. I’m known to have 60 page outlines before I type the opening line. With a very detailed outline, I can work pretty fast to crank out a manuscript in about two months. And this works best for me. Every writer has their own style and it’s important that they go with their flow and not the current trend of writing. (Excellent advice, Erin. “Fads” come and go for good reason.)

What has your writing journey taught you about yourself?

Deadlines are often our BEST friends.

I have learned that I can be disciplined in my career as a writer. I can set deadlines and meet them. I can make myself work when all I want to do is read a good book. That doesn’t mean my good sense is at work all the time, but for the most part I’ve become way more dedicated. (With 5 books in a year, I’d say so!)

What’s next on your horizon?

My next novella to release is The Cabin. Its birthday is June 14, 2019. I’m excited about this story! Because I have so many books coming out this year, I don’t have a lot of time for much else, but I do hope to paint a few pictures when I have a free week to be creative. I love paint with acrylics. (Acrylics are so vibrant. I’d love to see your work. Maybe you could visit again and show us a glimpse of Erin at play???)

What would you recommend to new writers?

Let your book babies fly, but make sure you’ve given them wings!

New writers need to let go of their book babies and be willing to rework/rewrite/change them in order for their book to make it in the world. They need to heed the industry standards and not make excuses for why they won’t make necessary changes. (Tough love, but true love. Thank you for being real, Erin. Industry standards are standard for good reason. Like stoplights on a busy throughway.)

So where can readers/writers reach you?

Social Media Links:

Erin Unger — keeping up the pace, making deadlines, and spreading the truth of God’s salvific grace even through the most frightening of times.

Erin Unger was raised in the hills of Virginia, exploring abandoned houses and reading the scariest books she could find. After marrying so young it would make a great romance novel, she has enjoyed an exciting life with her hubby. But her fast-paced life sometimes rivals the suspense in her books thanks to all her mostly grown children and a couple grandkids. Her novel, Practicing Murder, releases March 29, 2019.


Thank you, Erin, for spending time with us. It’s always a pleasure to discover new and talented authors. All I can say is. . .

Write on!


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    1. Best advice I can give is to pick an idea you like and get started. You WILL write more. Queue your ideas like planes on a taxiway. In the meanwhile, read to your heart’s content — ENJOY YOUR KIDDOS — and see what makes you the happiest. Thanks for stopping by ;^)

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