Fallen Angel and Rodeo King: Two NEW Series, Two Opportunities to engage in life’s tough choices

It’s FRIDAY. Yeah! We made it through another week.

If you’re looking to kick back like me, be sure to start the weekend out right. Pick up something that’ll take you thru Sunday and put smile on you face . . . or plant that seed of satisfaction in your heart. Those are the best.

I’m currently editing Craving Grace: Diamond Dogs Book 2. Is it making me smile? You bet. Crafting characters with character, meaty villains and intricate plots that satisfy by canvasing “what if” is what I do best. (Too much drama for everyday living so the family prefers me writing fiction. Therapy? Who cares? I’m having a hoot!)

Here’s wishing you mild spring weather and plenty of smiles no matter what you’re reading ;^)

Write on!

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