Friends: There’s no LIVING without them!

First, dear readers, thank you for being my friends. I love the follows, the posts, the connections being created by blogging on WordPress, engaging on Facebook and Twitter. Diving into Instagram and now LinkedIn is providing an even greater social circle. (Something I often lacked as a homeschooling mom whose husband’s career required our family pick up and move every two seconds. No kidding.)

I’ve recently discovered I love hearing from fans, too. Brittany, you know who you are!

No shameless plugs forthcoming, but publishing my novels has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. To the family, too, as mom is either occupied with her own busies and/or oozing satisfaction thanks to all the support of her growing FUN-base. That makes the whole house happier. Boo, too. (She’s allowing my newest arrival to share her desk space!)

My bestie, Patrice Lewis!
She does it all.

And my biggest fan and bestie, Patrice Lewis, reminded me yesterday what it means to have the support of friends, long term and through all manner of muck that doesn’t bear repeating. Suffice to say we’ve been pals since our babies were in diapers—some babies not even born yet. We’ve had plenty of book babies together, too. (There’s nothing like a critique session where your toddlers learn first-hand how to use words, tone of voice, and body language to manipulate their surroundings. Our collective 5 have absorbed every lesson. Precocious was the word. Our kiddos are all grown, and nearly all flown. But they’re armed!)

Long-stemmed smiles

But, Patrice Lewis, who I know you’ll get to know and love as I do, sent me the most beautiful bouquet yesterday. Two dozen long-stemmed smiles (multi-colored roses) with an assortment of chocolate candy chasers. (A dieter’s must-have when cheating becomes a virtue.) She sent the same to our new friend Cheryl Williford of Amish Inspirational novel fame. (Thank you ACFW Scribes!)

Cheryl Williford – generous, kind, and TALENTED

Cheryl’s latest novel, Their Convenient Amish Marriage is available for pre-order on Amazon. (Pinecraft here we come!) You don’t want to miss her tender treatment of life’s unexpected happenings that occur whether or not you’re living plain.

To get the skinny on why this shower of roses, you’ll have to visit Patrice Lewis. You’ll find the sweetest example of serendipity. Providence. And everything from Patrice’s ‘Simplicity Primer’ – a guide to making the life you want – to e-booklets on cheese making, canning, and dehorning cattle! She’s got it ALL!

Who knows? You may know Patrice from her longtime blog Rural Revolution – a revolution that has left her homesteading family well fed physically and spiritually. She’s also the force behind REAL AMERICA on WND.

Check it out.  And if you like sweet Amish romance, get ready for some Patrice Lewis titles in the near future. She’s a wonderful woman – a dedicated writer – and the very best of friends. I couldn’t live without her.

Write on!!


8 thoughts on “Friends: There’s no LIVING without them!”

  1. So true…there is indeed no living with friends….they make our life worth living…perfect way to tribute a relationship we chose and nurtured with time.


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