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Star Trek Discovery – The Second Season

Trekkie fans. I KNOW you’re outFERENGI there. If you follow my blog — GREAT — if not, I hope you will. But for all things Star Trek, I’d be a real a real Ferengi if I didn’t share my latest find — SPACE TIME Magazine. (Life doesn’t revolve around profit!)

Alexa Wayne is ready and willing to get you jazzed about the franchise’s still new STAR TREK: Discovery – Because exploration IS logical!

Please, join me in venturing into this brave new world. (I have yet to convince the family to try Discovery. It took us nearly a decade to watch, then binge Deep Space 9. OH, what fun!)

And if you’re looking for writerly tips, they’re here in spades. STAR TREK is a successful franchise to be STUDIED. How to create characters? Steep interest? Carry threads from one glorious galactic exploration to the next. It’s all there. Have fun and…

Write on!


4 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery – The Second Season”

    1. I’m happy to do it, Alexa. I love quality content — and Space Time Magazine is all that and more. Thank YOU for turning the switch on for Discovery. My 20-year-old son was peering over my shoulder as I reblogged. (He knows what’s coming ;^)

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      1. I’m looking forward to it, Alexa. We’re on the third to the last Voyager episode (with my husband doing a sideline of Next Gen). I *need* more Star Trek. Thanks for your blog, and friendship on Facebook ;^)


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