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Sherri Stewart: The Wrong Suitcase

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Are you ready for summer? A break from winter wet and cold? Do you want an extension of that too-short spring break? I do. Five days in Arizona visiting my Melanie was NOT enough. (The sun took a vacation and left us both with blustery winds that kept us indoors.) But whatever your plans for future getaways– staycations can be the most relaxing–make sure you take The Wrong Suitcase. Not your neighbor’s personal items, but a run-for-your-life romantic suspense by the amazing multi-talented, Sherri Stewart.

Who is this former lawyer turned author? Read on to find out, then hie thee hither to Amazon for a better-than-sunscreen must have. The Wrong Suitcase awaits, along with a growing list of blood pumping faith-based romantic suspense and historical romance to fuel any getaway. Or maybe tempt you through those morning meetings for a sneak read at lunch!

Give us a short bio, Sherri. Who is Sherri Stewart? And why WRITING?

It’s a bird, a chameleon, it’s
Sherri Stewart–ever ready to embrace a changing road.

Who am I? Hmm. Always changing like a chameleon. I’m a dabbler. God has allowed me to do things for short periods of time. That’s why my pension is so small. I’ve taught French, Biology, and Chaucer. I’ve been a flight attendant, an immigration attorney, a principal, and now a writer. All of my life experiences have informed my writing.

You write romance, but what’s your message?

I write romantic suspense and historical romance, not just romance because it’s the impact of issues of an historical nature or the unseen dangers that either drives the couple together or apart. (Touché and well said!)

How does family play a role in your work?

There’s nothing like a supportive spouse. Way to go, Bobby!!

My husband worked for various National Hockey League teams as an equipment manager, which meant he was on the road all the time between September and May (or June if we did well in the playoffs), so we were not the typical family. Many sports wives become resentful because life falls on their shoulders, but Bobby always encouraged me to follow my dreams, and he still does.

Give us a quick rundown of your body of work.

Whew! My first novel, Come out of Hiding , and third, A Well-founded Fear of Death Awere borne out of cases I’d worked on as an immigration attorney that didn’t go well. I was able to fix them in fiction. I always thought legal suspense would be my genre, but then when I tried my hand at romantic suspense and historical, I enjoyed writing them. I think I’ve written four novels and eight or nine novellas.

Take us through your writing your process.

Oh, darn, another research trip ;^)

I LOVE RESEARCH!!!! My latest book, The Wrong Suitcase, took me to Israel, which was my trip of a lifetime. My present book is about Corrie ten Boom, which hopefully will take me to the Netherlands if I can find the money. I’m a pantser, which means that I have a skeleton idea of the story, but then the book takes the lead and I follow along. My characters are based on people I know or people I’ve enjoyed. I loved Gilmore Girls, so Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire is based on Lorelei and Luke.

What has your writing journey taught you about yourself?

I’ve learned to take criticism and not compare myself with others. When you write, you have to subject your books to critiquing, and that means not everyone will adore your baby. Some books make it, but many good and worthy books don’t, so we have to be thankful for what God gives us.

What would you like other women to know/learn?

No shallow pools in a Stewart novel, but the light plumbs the depths. And that makes for good reading!

That God is in control of our journey, even when things seem out of control. Our experiences allow us to write with more depth, more layers, than if we didn’t have to struggle. I am not a fan of books that have pretty girls and handsome men that find each other. I find them shallow. I like gritty characters with trust issues, with forgiveness issues, with guilt issues.  (Real people. Me, too!)

What’s next on your horizon?

I’m working on my Corrie ten Boom book. It’s about a young Jewish soprano with the Harlaam opera, who must go into hiding from the Nazis. Corrie ten Boom finds her and takes her and her boyfriend, Daniel, in. I’d like to visit Corrie’s house in the Netherlands. I’m also starting to run again (I had a knee replacement in November). I also have a copy editing business that keeps me busy. (Ouch and ouch. A knee replacement is likely in my future, too, but not the copy editing business. How do you do it all??)

What would you recommend to new writers/established writers?

No one can write in a vacuum. Join a local or online critiquing group. Word Weavers International changed my life. But there are many others. ACFW is a good source. You learn things you never thought you needed to learn. I speak from experience. (You sure do!)

Where can reader’s best connect with you? Social media, etc.

Amazon Author Page







So, now you know. Sherri is a author to watch — and READ. If you’re tooling around Amazon, be sure to check out her novellas, too. And the other fantastic Forget Me Not Romances authors brought to you by Winged Publications. Suspenseful, historic, and sweet romantic getaways are just a click away ====>

Write on!


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