Mean Girls Unpacked: Analyzing Female-to-Female Office Bullying

Okay, so I blogged about crafting the perfect hero yesterday. Yeah. But, while I don’t want to bombard you, heroes without villains often fall flat. In fact, they do. With nothing to fight against, even Thor would end with a flabby sword arm and a rerun of old tales to tell. (Heaven forfend!)

Enter Sean C. Wright, multi-published and absolutely in touch with the mean-girl villain that often strikes outside the office. Extended family anyone?

Check out the details on your next villain–because girls can be just as cutthroat. The sweet smiles and lipstick aren’t fooling anyone. (And thank you Sean for this timely blog. LOVE it!)

Write ON.



Every woman with a corporate American job has encountered this rattlesnake in high heels. She is cold or overly critical to certain female colleagues, or worse, both. She engages in gossip and triangulation. She thrives on other women’s tears and sleepless nights that she causes. She won’t just do her job and go home, and refuses to let other women do the same. Because she is addicted to drama like some are to Starbucks. She and others like her exhibit the flipside of toxic masculinity.

They are the office mean girls.

It’s a shame that we are disgusted with bullying, and have a zero-tolerance attitude about it among children in school. But for some reason, it’s still alive and well in the office. And this is not to say that men don’t bully. They do. We have all heard of – or worked for – the “abusive genius” or “brilliant…

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2 thoughts on “Mean Girls Unpacked: Analyzing Female-to-Female Office Bullying”

  1. A lot of women are mean, yes, very mean! I think a lot of times, their work title goes to their head, more so than some men. But like have told my son and my grandsons, you just have to watch it cause a lot of women are just plain mean, and this is pretty embarrassing cause it is coming from a woman, but it is the plain truth. 🙂


    1. In my experience anyone who is trying too hard to be something they’re not tends to be mean. Brittle, if you will. And kudos to you for expressing yourself in full. There’s no embarrassment. We all need reality checks. Good for you preparing the men in your life. I do the same with my son and my daughters. Thanks, Alicia ;^)


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