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Writing Tip: STOP Writing

Ready, get set, STOP WRITING!

No, seriously. If you want to write well, check out this must read by short story novelist and reading enthusiast Kayla Ann. Published and well on her way to holding a Masters in English/Creative writing, she gets the impulse to forge on.

What serious writer doesn’t?

The MUSE is demanding if nothing else. She can also hide a great many warts that we writers will not see if we rush to get our darlings out the door. Don’t believe me? Read on…and I hope you’ll join me in following Kayla Ann.

Write on!

4 thoughts on “Writing Tip: STOP Writing”

    1. I’m glad to share, Kayla Ann. Your approach fits perfectly with my mindset of self-care, too. We have to honor the process. Part of that is giving ourselves distance when the world dictates a different pace. Write on ;^)

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