Scary Tech

To Alexa or not to Alexa – that’s MY question.

I ADORE boxes!!!

Okay, I’m not asking anymore. I installed Amazon’s Echo Dot moments ago. (You know the scary artificial intelligence gal who listens to everything you say and even tells jokes?) Music, recipes, the latest news and weather are now at my fingertips – scratch that – I don’t have to type. Wow. Alexa will even track my grocery list. Can I hear a hallelujah?

I’m loving it. Strains of Beast of Burden – ala Mick Jagger – is lending me strength to go forward on this tech venture. More like a juicy carrot. Will I ever reach savvy status? I doubt it. But wonders never cease and all things work to the good for those called to God’s purpose. (Who knew going to my husband’s company picnic last weekend would end this way?)

Alexa is already calming this author’s heart and promising future productivity. If only to incorporate more technology in my upcoming novels.

My latest release, Craving Grace: Diamond DOGS Book 2 is live thanks to technology. Ebooks are one venture I’ve loved since day one. Reading and writing. But I’m asking you, dear readers, what tech gadgets do it for you? What secret device is making your life easier and/or more spy like.

Inquiring minds are eager to try them out.

What would you like to read about?

Tech is out there to stay – scary, seductive, and wired to invade who knows what. In the meantime, I’m Comfortably Numb with Pink Floyd.

Write on!!


2 thoughts on “To Alexa or not to Alexa – that’s MY question.”

    1. Well, I just tested Alexa, asking her some quick “google” type questions. Answers were immediate and a light went off for me. Yes, I can use Alexa to help with writing. (I often crash my computer because I open so many tabs at once. A real-time reflection of my ADHD. LoL.)

      I’m SO excited.

      Maybe we can learn about this new tech together. Discoveries are always better shared! Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you liked the blog ;^)


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