To Burn or not to Burn!

Wegmans where are you???

That’s my question. It all began – well, recently anyway – with a Friday fish quest. Youngest kiddo and I – that’s Nick aged 20 – set out early to Wegmans. A great place for food if you don’t get lost and hungry on the way. Needless to say, yours truly, driving our red Dodge Ram sans GPS got lost. I’m not admitting for how long, but it took me a while to heed Nick’s encouragement to retrace our route and head for Harris Teeter. Virtually down the street, a straight shot albeit a long one. (My son would make an excellent hostage negotiator, psychiatrist, etc., etc., etc. Brag off.)

What makes a good fish go bad? No comment — who am I to judge fish behavior?

Anyway, afternoon came and Greg—my beloved mattress thieving Grinch—fried up our catch of the day. Gak. That was my reaction coming down from my writing lair to a cloud of unmentionables. How could it be? The fish looked good. Nothing like the lurid aroma wafting up the stairwell crept over the counter when the fish-man smiled and wrapped it up. Like a good soldier, though, I proceeded to eat what was set before me. (I always do having been the youngest of eight.) To my delight, my husband admitted the fish was awful. Gag worthy. Both the tuna and the swordfish steaks. Thank God, my effort to down the stuff ceased. But…

The Grinch may be a brown-shoe sailor at heart, but he wears suits now–every day!

How could this be? I’d tried so hard to bring home the proverbial bacon. Suffice to say, after I trotted plastic wrapped lovelies out to the garbage can, I was burning. Not angry so much as frustrated. The house wreaked. The reminder of my failed quest lingered and I wasn’t going to stand for it. Greg wasn’t either. Getting lost all the time is bad enough, but when your husband barks Lysol like a Navy emergency drill it doesn’t make mom happy.

So, after the disinfectant, I lit up. That’s candles. Plumeria, Violet Fields, Honey Something, and a double-discount blue discount thingie that transformed everything. I was in control. Maybe out of control considering the odd combo of scents driving bad fish back to the sea. But it felt GREAT. It smelled fabulous. It still does as I’m on a burning roll.

But I ask you. Is it the benefits of aromatherapy working its magic here or am I simply gleeful about having a positive effect on my environment? To burn or not burn is now the question. Greg is on the verge of hiding candles. (He won’t admit that’s what he was doing when he removed the two I had on the kitchen counter and relocated them to places unknown until I asked.) Older daughter—Melanie my self-care angel—suggests the solution is a DIFFUSER.

Say what? I can get those lovely scents without reaching for my extendo-flex Bic lighter? I’ll be finding out. That is if Melanie decides to send that diffuser she insists will keep both Dad and I happy. The closet full of candle jars awaiting repurposing is overcrowded.

What do you use? Candles? Diffuser? An open window? What? Inquiring minds—those that rarely rest—need to know if only to mellow out and…

Write on!

4 thoughts on “To Burn or not to Burn!”

  1. I have used both. I love candles…depending on the scent. Of course, they must be placed in strategic places or you end up burning something you shouldn’t. A diffuser is not only good for scenting the air, but can have health benefits using essential oils. The right combo can clear sinuses, ease headaches, aid digestion, even clear old mold.


    1. Wow. Clear old mold? You’ve sold me.

      I haven’t seen any, but have a friend who nearly died thanks to a black mold infestation that wasn’t discovered until she’d spent plenty of time in the hospital. I’ll be looking into essential oils.

      Thanks, Di!!


  2. Unfortunately, I can’t do scents. Love them. They smell delicious. But my head revolts much to the dismay of my mother and coworker who both love all those smelly devices (candles, wax melts, air fresheners, etc.). We haven’t gone the route of diffusers yet. The scents I can tolerate/wear/smell are few and far between. Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel (which is only out at Christmas, so I have to stock up for the year). I’ve tried other vanilla scents there, but no luck. Back in the day, I could tolerate Wild Musk by Jovan. Sometimes Lauren by Ralph Lauren, but it could get a little potent. And a wildflower scent from Avon that they discontinued. Most give me a headache and make my eyes water. It’s sad because some things smell really, really good. 😦

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    1. You poor thing, Isabelle Grace. My father suffered greatly from “scents” good, bad, delightful, didn’t matter. Olfactory sensitivity. That said, there were 7 girls in the family. He’d be pegged by the scent of hairspray even if we left off the perfume. And absolutely no scented candles.

      I think that may be why I’m so fascinated by them. Old taboos.

      Here’s to Vanilla Bean Noel. Stock up for sure!!!


      Ann ;^)


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