Audio STAY-Cation. The best little getaway that takes you where you SHOULD go!

Snoopy is a TOTAL bonus!

Okay. This great pic of Neil Diamond–the soulful enchanter who can still capture the masses–is floating around on Facebook.

Best thing? I’m now listening to “Sweet Caroline,” and feeling darned sweet. Hallelujah. Yes, there are personal issues that could translate into a crown-of-thorns, but thoughts matter.

Where do you want your thoughts to be?

It’s about free will. Taking charge instead of being dragged helpless to the dark side. Think positive may sound corny, but upbeat brainwaves are often the greatest act of charity. To ourselves and others. Music–that’s melody and lyrics–fuels imagination. It helps alleviate those tensions that bunch our shoulders, block creativity, foment hate–another baddie to be avoided at all cost–and give us premature wrinkles. The wrinkles that crease our character and need ironing out are better avoided.

Indulge yourself–an act of pure charity!

Prevention is worth a pound of cure, right?

Okay, so I didn’t get the wording right. I “think” that’s not a big deal. (Get the idea?)

So think on that. Do you want to be positive? Create great BOOKS and an even better life? Tap into the soulful sounds of Neil Diamond or whatever artist takes you there. Wherever that happy place might be. FYI: Audio STAY-cations may be beneficial for your health. And the happiness of others!

Write on!


4 thoughts on “Audio STAY-Cation. The best little getaway that takes you where you SHOULD go!”

    1. Thanks, Trish. God is GREAT. I need to remember that. So many little things can — and do — drag me down. I appreciate your friendship, sisterhood, and struggle. Keep up the GREAT work in the positivity department. Our prayers are with you ;^)


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