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ROMANCING THE BILLIONAIRE Book Trailer: Indulge me, please!

Feels like that … SOMETIMES.

Hey Guys. I’m back with an AMAZING book trailer. Amazing because I finished it this weekend with no fatalities. My boxed set sisters–Anne Greene, Stephanie Guerrero, Diane Tatum, and Sydney Winthrop–have been kind enough to let me take a stab at this shared promo.

I’m honored.

I’m also flying high–and no, I’m not sampling any spiked eggnog in anticipation of #Christmas. The creative end of just about everything trips my triggers. Always has. But that’s likely why a gazillion snap boxes full of whatnot are preventing me from parking in my garage. (Must. TRY. Everything. ONCE!)

And now it’s time to celebrate…. or check out my latest creation.

What do you think? I’m digging the jazzy, James Bond music.

Filmora 9 is a fabulous video creation tool, but there’s a learning curve. This isn’t my first video and won’t be my last. God willing they’ll get BETTER. I’d love your thoughts!

Thanks for sharing my excitement. I hope you’ll pick up your set of Romancing the Billionaire today–if not for you, then for that friend, relative, or special someone who lives on luxury and the lifestyles of the rich and soon-to-be famous. LoL. Did you catch that shameless plug? I hope so.

Buy here==>

It’s not #blackfriday yet, but this set can be yours for a cool $3.99. Whatta bargain?! I’m betting Filmora 9 has a promo running. If you’re a writer or someone who enjoys creating like me, you’re sure to have fun dabbling.

Write on!


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