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#CyberMonday: Get down with a GREAT DEAL and my Boxed-Set-Sister Diane Tatum!

Okay, so you’ve been waiting to hear from the rest of the team behind Romancing the Billionaire: 5 RICH ROMANCES. Far be it from me to keep you waiting. LoL!

I’m thrilled actually, over the moon with this new set and having had the opportunity to work with such obviously talented, dedicated, and productive authors. I’ve never been part of a boxed set before, but I sure like it. (If you’d like to find out what the buzz is about click==>

Now on to meeting Miss Diane!

Pansters, pansters… everywhere!

PLOTTER or PANSTER. Which is it, Diane? I am a total pantser! I write as the Spirit moves me and then save the chapter, paragraph, idea in a file that will at some point join the novel in an appropriate space. I often write the ending before I write the middle of a story. I am moved by story, whether it’s a novel, a movie, or a TV show. As an English professor, I am always intrigued by literary twists and turns, character development, and place. I enjoy writing stories about or set in a specific place. (I’m encouraged by your admission that you “let” the spirit move you, Diane. No more guilt for nurturing those seedlings hiding on my hard drive and inside my file cabinets of which I have three.)

Think CS Lewis indeed.

What was the inspiration for your Romancing the Billionaire whirlwind romance? For Oxford Fairy Tale, the obvious place is Oxford University. My husband and I love to travel as often as we can, particularly to the UK and Europe. Yes, we’ve been to Oxford. One of my former students is currently in Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship. (WOW!) Think CS Lewis, Lewis Carroll, JRR Tolkien, Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, and others. Such a rich literary history.

Point of view makes a HUGE difference!

Another interesting thing about Oxford Fairy Tale is the point of view (POV). This novel is my first written entirely in first person POV. It felt strange at first. I started this novel in 2011. When I heard about this boxed set, I knew it was time to finish the book. I asked my editor if my story qualified since my hero is heir to a lordship. She said, “As long as he’s a billionaire.” I said, “Poof! He’s a billionaire.” After all, it is fiction, right? (How liberating. And you’re right, Diana!) I’m SO there. Thanks for encouraging me to join up. I’ve been flirting for quite a while.

As a pantser, you can imagine my desk! (I sure can despite a desperate desire to be on team Plotter. An upstream battle.) Right now, it’s covered in receipts, articles I’ve written for Pub Koinonia on, and skeins of yarn that I need to turn into balls for knitting projects (because my swift and yarn baller are attached to my desk). I guess I buy yarn the same way I write. My oldest son remarked on my stash in his old closet, “Mom, more yarn? You can’t even close the closet doors now!” My response to that is “It’s my retirement fund.” Right now, I’m knitting Christmas projects as well as a brioche shawl and a long vest for me. You can find me, my projects, and my stash on where my username is tatumlight. (Goodness, your son sounds like mine. And so does your desk. Yarn and ALL. Love, love, love it, Diane! And I want a yarn baller!)

So what else are you up to writer wise? Just have to ask. You inspire me! I am working on three novels currently. Yes, three! Gemini Conspiracy is a mystery/suspense sequel to my Kudzu Sculptures. (KS turned into a murder mystery to my surprise! The glory of being a pantser!). Another is the third book in my American history series, Colonial Dream, called A Time to Choose. It’s actually complete, but I’m in the process of editing it. I’m also writing a Christmas novel for a boxed set, MISStletoe Romances, for Christmas 2020. (I’m in that set as well. This boxed set business is shaping up nicely–for writers and readers. Seriously, what’s not to love about sweet deals and increasing your circle of things to enjoy?)


Where else do you gather fuel for your writing life? I am a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and Word Weavers. One great benefit of both is critique group. I am a member of ACFW’s Scribes, and I lead an online critique group for Word Weavers. Having this ability to share in critique groups no doubt improves my writing but also provides a support group.

In addition to writing, I also teach dual enrollment Freshman Composition for our community college at our local high school four early mornings a week, 7AM – 8 AM. Then I get the rest of the day to write. (That has to feel great. That is passing on the gift of the written word–there’s nothing like it.)

Smoky mountain GORGEOUS!!!

Tell us something, if you’d like, about your private life. Outside having an observant son who likely gets a chuckle out of your every yarn purchase. (I know mine does despite the chiding ;^) My husband is an aerospace engineer and Bible study leader. My oldest son is a hospital chaplain, is married, has a son, and lives in Texas. My youngest son is a musician & educator, is also married, has three sons, and lives in the DC area. Four delightful grandsons! My husband and I live in Tennessee and recently added a 3-year-old retired racing greyhound named Iggy to our home. He and our 18-year-old Jack Russell tolerate one another.

Well, thank you, Diane. It’s been a pure JOY. No kidding. I’ll be checking out Ravelry. For those who’d like to learn more about Diane, reach out and engage, she’s provided a bounty of opportunities. What else would you expect from a woman who does it all–at the same time?

Diane E. Tatum





Twitter: @DianeTatum


Gold EarringsMission MesquiteColonial Dream: Book 1 A Time to Fight,                            Book 2 A Time to LoveKudzu Sculptures

Oxford Fairy Tale

Tatum’s Themes for Today: Topics and Resources for Youth Bible Study

… and watch for: Colonial Dream: Book 3 A Time to Choose, Book 4 A Time to Create (proposed), and Gemini Conspiracy

Write on!


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