Not all writers are diplomats, not even in their own families. Especially in their own families.

Some golden advice from seasoned author and life-expert Florence Witkop. (Who says she’s not a diplomat?)

Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings on the subject below–no battles to ensue. I promise ;^)

Write on!

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I’m a writer. Now that’s normally not too important in the grand scheme of things. But writers are communication professionals and that changes everything.

A few of us have been known to use our ability to communicate for more than just writing.

Like for giving political opinions whether that opinion was asked for or not.

But most of us also, like everyone else, love our families.

So when family discussions turn to politics, like many experienced writers, I try to shut up in the name of family love and unity. Like the one writing this post.

It’s for the best because, where politics is concerned, sometimes silence truly is golden.

So I try.  Sometimes I actually succeed.

What about you? What do you do — or don’t do — that’s really, really hard but that you try to do anyway because — well — just because?

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