Meet J.C. Paulson – Strong, Talented, a Main-line Word Master, and a Soul-Sister to the Core.

Long time, no write. I haven’t been blogging. Covid19, family lovelies, personal drama — can’t escape that when you’re living with an ongoing depression diagnosis. There’s so much to get in the way. Like editing late spring releases. LoL.

Covid-19 – not your garden variety virus!

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Joanne Paulson

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The woman behind the words is a pop of cleansing, Canadian sunshine. A light to flood the dark spaces and sweet steel for those times you need it most. So here’s Joanne. In her own words…


What moves you to write and what all do you write, Joanne.

Show, don’t tell!

I’m a journalist by career, and so I write articles and commentary as well as fiction. The injustices and terrible stories I either covered or assigned absolutely inform my novels. However, sermonizing is not always a useful way to change the world, so I’ve tried to write action-packed mysteries with an underlying social message instead of ranting! (Works the same way in Christian Fiction. But then while genres change, human nature remains the same.)

Are you a panster or a plotter. And why?

I’m both, really. I start with a plot, always. I don’t think I could write a novel without knowing the basic stops along the road, as well as the ending. That being said, the story always changes as I go along, so there’s considerable pantsing along the way. (Yeah. No wonder we get each other, Joanne!)

What’s your favorite movie/music? Do you find inspiration in film/music for your writing?

Lord Peter Wimsy – oh, yeah!

I haven’t been inspired by movies or music all that much, but intensely so by some great writers. I’m a huge fan of the great mystery writer Dorothy Sayers, and also would like to be Barbara Kingsolver when I grow up.

If you have a craft bag–what’s in it? And/or if you don’t do crafts, what leisure activity or hobby is sitting there waiting for you? (Or are you on top of it all?)

A “WRITERS” hobby if ever there were!

I’m pathetic hobby-wise. I walk, read, do crossword puzzles, write, walk and read some more. That’s it. Apart from time with friends and family. (God bless you for doing what works, Joanne, and owning it. Your work reflects your focus!)

Do you find family to be a support, a distraction, or an integral element of your writer’s life?

My husband is a truly integral part of my fiction writing. He’s incredibly helpful if I get stuck on a plot line, and makes valuable suggestions. One of my favorite scenes was inspired by his idea. He’s also a BIG help with research! (Good man ;^)

Do you prefer city or country living? Does this impact the settings of your stories, Joanne?

Both! I live in a mid-size Prairie city but dash off to a northern lake whenever possible. I’m also rather surrounded by farm country. All absolutely have an impact on my settings. The lake, for example, is not the setting in Fire Lake but definitely inspired the entire novel.

What’s your favorite time of year and why?

Not winter. Otherwise, bring it on.

What motivated you to write this latest novel? And what would you like readers to take away from the experience of your words?

I wanted to murder a scientist in Griffin’s Cure. I’ve been angry and concerned for some time about the lack of research into, and development of, new life-saving pharmaceuticals. The death of someone who really cared and put his life on the line to change that trajectory hopefully demonstrates the serious health issues facing humanity. It’s being released at a time when the world is seeking a vaccine for a terrible new virus, which was entirely inadvertent, but I hope it also both illuminates and entertains. (Sounds like a powerful plot!)

What’s on the horizon for you? Books? Projects? Whatever?

I’m writing book five right now, which is a historical fiction prequel to the series, based in 1880s Canada. I hope to write the fifth book in the Adam and Grace contemporary series after that. (Oh, goodie. I love historical fiction, too, and family backgrounds. Bet I’m not the only one!)

What writer’s organizations if any have helped you achieve successes in your writing life?

There are some great local organizations that have helped me market my books. I’m also a member of the provincial writer’s guild and many other groups.

Where do you find your heroes?

I find my heroes in real life. Adam, the detective sergeant, is an amalgam of flawed and fabulous men I have known. He fights PTSD every day on the job, but comes home to Grace with focus and love. Grace is a reporter, based less on me and more on the crime reporters I have worked with. She’s tough at work, vulnerable with Adam, has a terrible sense of humour (that’s me, creeping in) and an ethical compass that never wavers. (Well said, Joanne. And lets hear it for the heroes who suffer every day with PTSD yet go on to do the job. No matter what it takes!)

What’s your least favorite character type?

LOL. I like real people. I’m not into fantasy characters of any kind.

What’s your question?

What would you like to tell readers about yourself? Channel Jeopardy and give me the answer and the question. LoL!


This author switched from fact to fiction after a dark time in her life, when the plot of her first book, Adam’s Witness, awakened her at three in the morning. Since then, she has written three more books in the mystery/romantic suspense/social issues series.

That’s me.

And that’s a wrap. Check out our .99 cent deals on Amazon. I hope you find something to inspire you. Entertain you. And take you someplace outside this Coronavirus craziness.

Thanks, Joanne, for so many things, and thank you all, dear readers, for indulging me in sharing. Take care, stay SAFE, and…

Write on!


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