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‘Tis the Season to Stuff Your Stocking!

Season’s Greetings, Peeps.

Ann here, the helpful elf.

Christmas is fast approaching. Faster if you haven’t finished your shopping or begun. (Don’t want to make anyone cringe. Check out these book bundles and smile for a while! Being an Amazon Affiliate is making me smile. So, have mercy and click the pics and links. Empty-nesting elves must make a go of life’s next epoch!)

Go get ’em Chris!!!

Books, bookmarks and, my new favorite, E-Readers. Remember to gift yourself. Reading is fundamental and a Class-A relaxant for cold, winter nights. So relax. What a resolution. (Your opportunity to try a Korean Face Mask. Men like them, too. Just think. The New Year could revolve around couples-care. That’s self-care times two. Although, I still haven’t convinced the Grinch Who Stole My Mattress to try one!)


We’ve got sweet, clean, and Christian reads. And some fine works by bestselling authors. Diversity is God’s gift. It’s fun to read around and try new things. Another something for 2021!

Whatever you do, keep yourself at the top of your list. All year round. Is that selfish? NO! True charity begins at home and you are your closest neighbor. (Flight attendants instruct their passengers to put oxygen masks on themselves first if the airplane runs into trouble mid-flight… and what else is living but the most amazing and turbulent journey? So off we go!)

Window shopping without buying is fun, too. That’s looking. In your jammies if you like. Or during a Zoom meeting that’s droning on too long. Whatever it takes to distance you from tense, tied-up, and putting needless wrinkles in your brow. Here are some additional bundles. Click the pic and peek around. Something for yourself? A friend? Your MIL? Not always mutually exclusive, but truth will out.

Krampus giving a naughty boy what for!!

Whatever you choose, or not, it’s going to be the BEST Christmas ever. Covid-19 is enough without Krampus paying us a call. The son of the Norse goddess Hel, ruler of the underworld, may only be myth, but it sure doesn’t feel that way when all you’ve got the crankies, a lump of coal, and an aching…never-mind!

Choose wisely!!

Merry Christmas! Seasons Greetings and…

Write on!

Ann :^)


5 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season to Stuff Your Stocking!”

  1. Cool blog. Just had a facial myself last week. Ahhhmmmaaaazzzing. It’s nice to pamper oneself once in a while. Never tried a Korean face mask though. But yes, do something nice for yourself during the “stress” of Christmas prep and the continuing restrictions and fears in place by the pandemic.


    1. So glad you enjoyed the read, Isabelle. I’ll never tire of promoting “self” care. The best example and the only way to keep breathing through whatever Providence tosses our way.

      Hugs and HAPPINESS!!!

      Ann :^)


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