FALLEN ANGEL: Clean & Wholesome Single Mother, Second Chance Romantic Suspense (DIAMOND DOGS Book 1)

★She’ll do ANYTHING to save the child she sacrificed everything to keep★

Single mom Angel Le Blanc will survive the hell of post-rape PTSD. She must for her baby’s sake, a child whose life depends on Angel’s silence about her ordeal. But when Angel is framed for terror trafficking and bullets fly, she knows she needs help

from the one man who has every reason to believe she’s guilty.

Trusting is impossible for Roham Arshad, a CIA Diamond Dog operative on assignment. When the Angel that once gave him wings dumped him to have another man’s child, he thought he’d die. He’d surely crossed a professional line that he never will again. But the mystery surrounding Angel is too compelling, much like the deep-seated feelings for her that Roham has found impossible to shake.

Will this reunited couple live long enough to realize their love and form the family they should have been?


✓Single Mom ✓Second Chance ✓Enemies-to-lovers ✓Special Operations ✓Baby

CRAVING GRACE: Clean & Wholesome Brother’s Best Friend, Enemies-to-Lovers Romantic Suspense (DIAMOND DOGS Book 2)

♥Kiss the enemy or make him cry? He’ll go down either way.♥

Blackballed intelligence analyst Gracie Snow, cursed with a hair-trigger temper despite petite packaging, will take her chances running a covert Las Vegas sting for the FBI. But when the operation turns south and the Army Commando who derailed her career offers life-saving assistance, what’s a smart girl to do?

Die at the hands of a mysterious cartel?

Or live another day if only to ensure her enemies—all of them—get what they deserve.

But Jay Sykes, semi-retired, and eager to restore relations with Gracie’s wounded warrior brother, will do anything. Resisting Gracie’s grown up charms and her undeniable skill, however, is one challenge he’s unprepared to meet. Craving Grace could be a serious threat.

From Las Vegas to D.C. to the stormy coasts of Scotland, Gracie and Jay face bullets, bombs, and assassination attempts while knowing the biggest threat is the love they may never have the chance to share.

✓Big Brother’s Best Friend ✓Enemies-to-Lovers ✓Military/Special Operations ✓Secret Crush

MERCY NATION: Clean & Wholesome Body Guard, Billionaire Romantic Suspense (DIAMOND DOGS Book 3)


♥ Is the guy next door her bodyguard or a very clever kidnapper? Time to kiss and tell!♥

Pampered, boarding school bred Mercedes “Mercy” de Pablo vows to live her way in the aftermath of her wealthy mother’s suicide. She will not answer to nuns or cede control of MERCY NATION as she is advised. The global charity helps trafficked women and children.

POW Para-jumper turned Diamond Dog agent, Chase Taylor, the hunky guy next door, knows better. So when bullets fly inside the new billionaire’s posh Paradise Valley home, he offers protection. Mercy’s cartel cousins may want her dead. Chase wants Mercy, the only link on American soil to a massive fraud abusing women, children, and all that’s holy.

Will these opposites find love and redemption? Or only death?

✓Body Guard ✓Fake Relationship ✓Guy-Next-Door ✓Billionaire ✓Forced Proximity

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