Meet the Dangerous Pursuit Authors: Ann Malley

All Right My Peeps.

What. A. Monday!!!

I’m THRILLED to be featured on Inspirational Powerhouse Gina Holder’s blog. What a SWEETIE! Gina and I are honored to be included in the much anticipated Clean/Christian Suspense Collection-Dangerous Pursuits!!! (Coming to YOU this October 12th. The pre-order price of .99 cents is really too good to miss so I hope you all take advantage. If not for yourself than that person in your life who loves action, romance, suspense, danger… you know who I mean. Men enjoy my action romances, too, so don’t discount those heroes in your life who may well benefit from having the ‘enemies’ perspective. That’s a woman’s POV :^)

Now on to Gina’s gracious interview. Friends are the BEST! That said, feel free to forward/reblog this message. Yes, that’s a shameless plug, but I’m THAT excited.

Hugs & Happies,
Ann :^)

Gina Holder, Author and Blogger

Introducing Ann Malley

I am thrilled to join 14 other suspense authors in creating Dangerous Pursuits, a collection of 15 suspenseful novellas, all aiming to keep you on the edge of your seat! In anticipation of this amazing collection releasing on October 12th, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to each of the authors and give you, the readers, a glimpse into each of their lives and writing process. Today, we have best-selling author, Ann Malley.

Ann is a feral housewife and mother of three blissfully grown and flown, home-schooled children. She LOVES traveling without going anywhere. When not crafting getaway tales, she gets cozy with her forever friend, husband Greg, ref: The Grinch Who Stole My Mattress. Furbabies Boo & Peanut keep Ann feeling loved. Kitties are in it for Tootie Treats, but that’s nothing to pay for world peace!

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