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Somebody Help Me!

I’m addicted to adrenaline and, well, BINGING.

If this is YOU, inclined to binge read stories that make you go bump in the night–that’s bumping around turning pages–do I have a deal for you!

15 #THRILLERS for .99 cents!

Yes, your tired eyes are working just fine. But hurry, because October 12th is closer than you think. No imaginary stalker. Calendars have always made me cringe. But it’s all good.

Today’s most popular #MYSTERY & #SUSPENSE authors have teamed up. All women. All dead set on delivering YOU the thrills, chills, and dangerous choices you can make from the safety of toasty bed covers. Or that steaming bubble bath we too often deny ourselves. (But these little lovelies can be squeezed in while waiting for the kiddos in the pick-up line at school. Those days have flown for me, but I remember them well. The need for #metime is real and breaks for mom benefit everyone!)

Check out the line up:

Ronie Kendig, Lisa Harris , Cara Putman, Lenora Worth, Terri Reed, Cynthia Hickey, Dana Mentink, Sharee Stover, Dana R. Lynn, J. Carol Nemeth, Therese Heckenkamp, Gina Holder, Mary Alford, Loree Lough, and yours truly, Ann Malley!!! (Squeeee!)

All stories are written from a clean and/or Christian worldview. But consider this. The lens through which one views the world only adds to the tension. Making those decisions that may seem easy, or obvious to some, become anything but for our heroes and heroines. So much of suspense and mystery resides in the mind. Don’t you love it???

So, embrace the #DANGER. Venture into #DANGEROUSPURSUITS.

A .99 cent pre-order is too cheap to beat. #KINDLE, #NOOK, #KOBO, #APPLE and more. We’ve got you covered!!! You could cover for a friend, too, supplying him or her with the gift of relaxation and a suspense-filled read that keeps on giving!!!


Hugs and Happies!!!

Ann :^)

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