Calling all lovers of clean romance!

If you prefer your romance sweet, clean, and FREE on Kindle Unlimited–yes, some pay for the privilege–take advantage. Remember. Use the service for which you pay to find what you want. Daily, hourly, & moment-by-moment.

Time is money.

And time is wasting. (Can you believe we’re in October already?)

Don’t cheat yourself. Indulge. Browse. Window shop. Relaxation is key to good mental health and what better way to take a breath? Embrace #metime even if you only look at covers.

I love making my book covers so much I call it Canva Therapy. Canva is a software program that I pay for to take what control I can in a world–well–I’m not the boss. But you can use that package for all manner of lovelies. Check it out!! There’s a free version, too. Let me know what you think.

Meanwhile…. click the pic for the ultimate in romance!

Hugs & Eternal Happies,

Ann :^)


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