Author Recommendation, Cover Reveals

First there was HUSH!

Fans of Selah Award winning author Leanna Sane are in for a treat! YES! Lacey and Ford are back on November 16th with mind-tingling suspense, dangerous dreams, and more drama than you bargained for in HOAX: Amelia Island Suspense Book 2.

Here we go!!!

Soon-to-be bride, Lacey Campbell, discovers a secret just days before her wedding causing her to doubt everything she’s always believed about her family. When her strange premonitory dreams begin again—visions of snarling canines and dangerous Inuit knives—past experience tells her that danger isn’t far behind.

With her police-chief fiancé, Ford Jamison, she struggles to preserve her famous grandfather’s legacy while searching for a possible claimant to his estate. As she pursues the truth, she risks losing everything—her future with Ford, her precious restaurant, Black Pearl and even her life.

Can Lacey escape the peril, outwit her hidden adversary, and reveal the biggest Hoax of all?

HOAX is currently on pre-order at Amazon as I said. A very good thing as there is STILL plenty of time to read HUSH… for the first time or as a refresher to heighten your anticipation.

Fall has fallen. The nights are getting colder. So give yourself another excuse to hide inside that cave of blankets. As always, feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, or calls of the wild. Eclectic romantic suspense, romcom, and over-all life writers eagerly await your input.

Hugs & Happies,

Ann :^)

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