Author Interview

Settle in with Small Town Danger author Gina Holder!

There’s only 10 days left, people. SMALL TOWN DANGER is coming your way and still only .99 cents thru April 25, 2023. (Can you believe how this year is flying???) But before you dig into delicious suspense, I thought you’d appreciate another look into the writing world of the Small Town Danger ladies. Best selling authors!!


Today we have Gina Holder, a strong believing woman with some fun fact to share.

Let’s GO!!!

1) What moves you to write and what do you write (fiction only? poetry? plays?) I’m inspired by the lessons we learn through Scripture and how they can help us face whatever this life throws at us. I write Christian cozy mystery with a Biblical message interwoven through the story.

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2) Are you a panster or a plotter? And why? (What does method bring to your stories?) I’ve tried to be a plotter, but my creative brain struggles to cooperate. I’m definitely more panster than plotter, but with mysteries, I find that lends itself to leaving plot holes I have to patch up later.  (Side note: OMGoodness. I can relate. Best intentions and then the creative brain beats you with its my-way stick. Been there, doing that.)

3) Do you find family to be a support, a distraction, or an integral element of your writer’s life? My family is an integral part of my writing. My daughter loves to help me design graphics and covers, and my husband acts as my editor. He finds all the plot holes that I need to fix. He also helps with consistency, timing issues, and reality checks.  (Sidenote: WOW. You are blessed to have contributing family members. Way to go, Gina!!!)

4) Do you prefer city or country living? Does this impact the settings of your stories? I enjoy small town living or suburban living. In the country, there are too many bugs. And in the city, there are too many people. I do love setting my stories in small towns, but I may have a series set in Denver in the works for the future.

5) What’s on the horizon for you? Books? Projects? Whatever? Handmade Mayhem is the first book in my new Christian cozy mysteries series, Addie Masters Mysteries. I’m planning for this to be a fifteen-book series.

6) What’s your favorite animal—do you have one??? Over the years, I have had a wide variety of favorite animals: horses, whales, raccoons, red pandas, pandas… Currently, I love birds and sloths.

7) What does your desk look like and what do you “think” it says about you? My desk is an executive desk with a hutch (which I always wanted). On my desk, I have a computer with two monitors, a stone fountain, a cup of colorful pens, stuffed animals that represent me and things I love, my Lego pickup truck, two plants, and three Scriptures on 3X5 cards for encouragement.  

8) What’s your view on character flaws for heroes/heroines? Absolutely essential for a good story. I want to see the main character conquer something in their life. I want to see them grow and change. Internal conflict is just as important as external conflict.

Well, there we are. A sneak peek into Gina’s world. I rather like her world myself. How about you, dear reader? I’m loving the Lego pickup! Be sure to pick up your copy of SMALL TOWN DANGER!!! And thank you, Gina, for spending time with us today. It’s been lovely!!


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