Do I sketch out the plot of my novel before starting it or do I allow my characters to lead the way?

NO fooling. There are different ways to approach a story, but each carries its own consequences.

Check in with Florence Witkop, author of The Man from Yesterday, for some writerly wisdom that could save YOU some serious time. And, please, follow me if you’d like to continue this journey of learning, laughing, and generally having a BLAST. I know I am.

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There are two ways to write a story. Their proponents are called plotters and pantsers. Plotters sketch the plot before starting the story, pantsers just sit at their computer and start writing, letting the characters tell them what comes next.

Both are fine. Depends on which kind of person you are. And how you want to spend your writing time.

Plotters spend a lot of time discovering their characters and their story before they write so when they sit down at their computers, all they have to do is tell the story.

Pantsers don’t do that but they spend a whole lot more time writing. It’s estimated that a finished novel goes through 10 rewrites before being published. That figure would be less if pantsers weren’t included. But pantsers don’t…

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5 Unconventional Ways to Promote Your Blog

Got blog? Want followers?

Spend some time with Cristian Mihai at the Art of Blogging. These 5 easy ways to increase your blog following, and HAVE FUN in the process will be well worth your time.

OH, and in the spirit of #4, please, follow me at I’m eager to engage with all of you so I can learn, pass on what I know, and hopefully start some cool conversations. Life’s too short to sit talking to yourself ;^)

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The Art of Blogging

If you are trying to reach more readers, chances are you’re already familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) and building a presence on different social media networks.

There is nothing wrong with those methods, and you should probably give them a try, but if you have already exhausted all the common methods of promoting your blog, then here are 5 unconventional methods that will get you more readers.

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Friends: There’s no LIVING without them!

First, dear readers, thank you for being my friends. I love the follows, the posts, the connections being created by blogging on WordPress, engaging on Facebook and Twitter. Diving into Instagram and now LinkedIn is providing an even greater social circle. (Something I often lacked as a homeschooling mom whose husband’s career required our family …

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Fallen Angel and Rodeo King: Two NEW Series, Two Opportunities to engage in life’s tough choices

It’s FRIDAY. Yeah! We made it through another week.

If you’re looking to kick back like me, be sure to start the weekend out right. Pick up something that’ll take you thru Sunday and put smile on you face . . . or plant that seed of satisfaction in your heart. Those are the best.

I’m currently editing Craving Grace: Diamond Dogs Book 2. Is it making me smile? You bet. Crafting characters with character, meaty villains and intricate plots that satisfy by canvasing “what if” is what I do best. (Too much drama for everyday living so the family prefers me writing fiction. Therapy? Who cares? I’m having a hoot!)

Here’s wishing you mild spring weather and plenty of smiles no matter what you’re reading ;^)

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Ann Malley

If you’re looking for something to dig into this weekend, LOOK no further. My latest releases aim to please.

Like Suspense? Fallen Angel, the first book in my new Diamond Dog series, has you covered. CIA operatives. FBI undercover schemes. And a single mom trying to do right by her child–by staying ALIVE. Check it out.

Hot suspense coupled with sweet reunion romance is just a click away ===>

If your tastes run to the sweeter side of life, or you’d like a break from the urban grind, check into Wild Horse Montana and read RODEO KING. Another reunion romance — a favorite theme for me — Rodeo King canvases the realities of going home, going home without the prizes you’d hoped to garner, and having to deal with dreams left behind.

But all that glitters is absolutely not gold, and one man’s loss can be another’s…

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A Smorgasbord of Writing Ideas

Good food is BETTER shared. And the same can be said for ideas–writing ideas. It’s often the scent of food that makes you hungry, after all, so open your senses to the savory aroma of creative think brought to you by my good friend, the multi-talented René Penn.

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René Penn


“You’re a writer? Cool.” I often hear people say that to me, which is nice. Their tone is positive, encouraging. Then about one-third of them will follow up with, “I’ve got this great idea that you could turn into a book.”

They all mean well, and I like to hear their ideas. Love it, in fact. The trouble is, I have too many ideas already, a smorgasbord of them, swarming around in my head.

I’m not alone, right?

There’s this salad-worth of ideas. Not a tiny, cute, side salad. We’re talking, a big entree portion. Like the kind you get at Cheesecake Factory. Where there’s so much stuff on it, you can hardly see the lettuce.

ella-olsson-1184065-unsplash.jpgSometimes, the ideas come in waves

Yesterday was one of those days. Ideas were flowing like the River Jordan. It must’ve been some sort of spiritual-led experience, because I couldn’t have thought of all of…

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Erin Unger: Practicing Murder

Well, now that I've got your attention, it's time for a sit-down with Erin. No, she's not actually killing anyone, but that can't be said of her skillfully crafted villains who wield psychotic tendencies like a scalpel. Chilling? You bet. Check. IT. Out!!! Practicing MURDER - by Erin Unger (Releasing March 29, 2019!) INTENSE Cover! …

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