It's been more than a while, dear readers. Ann has been OUT of the building for far too long, but rests are necessary. Resets are often unavoidable!! new blog. (Do you like it??? If so, please comment below. If not, please comment below. I'm in need of constructive criticism.)

I'm focusing on my supernatural, Christian reads today. Both SNOWBOUND CHRISTMAS STALKING & PSYCHIC SUMMER STALKING involve the very personal struggle of highly successful career women faced with serious dilemmas.

Should Inez and Helene opt for logic? Can they afford to shun the unseen world that too often makes itself known via evil?  Probably not. That's my take as you will see if you dare to dive into either of these gritty, action, romantic thrillers. 

I'm not sure where your journey has taken you, but the pervasive presence of evil in the world is what kept me grounded. God is real. He loves us. He wants us to want him. And, unlike others, He is the ultimate gentleman. You've only to ask Him and he'll be there to battle the dragons we too often invite without realizing it.

For those who are seeking a deeper journey with the Lord, you may appreciate LIVING WATER. This guided meditation journal I've created to focus on building virtue. 

Click the pics below if you choose and enjoy!

Be kind to yourself and others. Share the good news.  Then rinse and repeat.

Jesus, I trust in YOU!!

Ann :^)