Lazarus Cat? It's a Mystery

Lazarus Cat? It's a Mystery

Well, despite slipping into death's foyer, Boo isn't going anywhere.

Yes, we were convinced our baby was done for. Boo is old, fifteen years old in human years. She presented with seizures, fleas that stuck around despite treatment, dangerously low temps, irregular breathing, a refusal to eat, heart palpitations, and incontinence.

Rainbow Bridge awaited.

The vet argued for euthanasia big time. Boo wouldn't make it through the day, let alone the night.  She was obviously suffering from organ failure, but which one was the question. Tests may give us a clue, tests that costs far more than we can afford. Soo...putting her down seemed to be the only option. The kindest thing to do. I'd bet money Boo felt the same.

My husband Greg was the only one who said no, no, NO WAY IN &^%$. And once again, the Cat Whisperer prevailed. Not only did he save Boo after a nasty encounter with an electrical cord, but he literally brought her back to life by force feeding her tuna juice and raw egg. Syringes of life-giving food came between syringes of water.  He's amazing!

Also amazing is that frustration seems to have been at the heart of Boo's seizure issue. Scratch the fleas or scratch the other cat's eyes out was the primary point of distress. Mental disconnects are serious business, however. Take that from a cat mom who struggles with her own issues. 

But Boo was treated with Capstar at the vet, then isolated in an upstairs guestroom where Greg took charge of her care. She's had NO MORE SEIZURES. Not one. Phew. She's gained weight which needs to continue. And she's happy as a proverbial clam, remaining in her room by choice where she sleeps on a heating pad when not getting pet. 

Currently, we know of no heart problem, kidney problem, liver etc., etc. etc. There are no symptoms presenting themselves, only a happy Lazarus cat that gets plenty of loving and gives much the same.

Having said that, if you find yourself facing down rainbow bridge, for your furbaby you may want to consider cat whispering.