Thanks for reading!

I hope you're gearing up for a wonderful weekend -- filled with lazing around, lots of laughter, satisfaction, and just enough energy to get done what you want to do.

It's been a difficult few days around here. Boo, our beloved kitty of 17 plus years is entering that final stage. A beginning? Or an end? 

Poor Miss Kitty has taken a dip for the worst since yesterday and maybe there is something her parents should do to alleviate her pain, yet it's hard to let go. 

Men often have the greatest difficulty, but it warms my heart to witness the valiant effort of tenderness showered upon a beloved furbaby. Boo has seen our family through countless moves, traumas, ups, downs, and everything in between with such purry grace.

Boo -- ALWAYS the charmer!

But it's perspective that makes the difference. I know that, so it's time to act like I do.

Clearly, physical death isn't it for us humans, not by far. Yet I was once assured by very dear friend, a Redemptorist priest, that "whatever" you require to be happy in Heaven will be there. 

So I take comfort. I hope you will too when facing similar circumstances. Look to the future and prepare for God's gifts!

I've already been blessed. Many already know that my son Nick has returned home to explore varied aspects of his music career -- our town is a happening place, apparently. BUT, and this is the big but, in addition to engaging his producing talents to transform my stories into audiobooks, he's writing  himself. (We're talking edgy, off-color satire, the kind of thing you may imagine an electric guitarist with a fab voice and a top-rate education in sarcasm might do.)

But I'll take it!!

Perspective is everything. Journeys are journeys, fraught with danger as we ALL know from literature if not life. 

I'm accepting the circumstances around me with a mixed heart, but actively distracting myself helps. 

If you like danger, which I know you do, you'll dig the following selection. Curated to captured your attention, these clean Christian reads that pack an abundance of punch will get your mind off whatever you're keen to tuck away for the moment.

Check it out by clicking the pic.  

Have a WONDERFUL weekend and God bless you.