Books in Progress

Fallen Angel


Contemporary Inspirational Romantic Suspense — 55K complete 

God only gives you what you can handle, right? So single mom Angel Le Blanc knows she can make it through the nightmare of post-rape PTSD. She has to. The sadist who fathered her child–proof that good can come from evil–will strip her of everything if she doesn’t keep her mouth shut.  But when Angel’s framed for terror trafficking and marked for murder, she knows she needs help.

The flesh and blood kind.

But Roham Arshad, the CIA’s contribution to the Diamond Dog black ops task force, isn’t convinced Angel is innocent. Trusting comes hard since Angel dumped him like a hot rock to have another man’s child. A child who could drive them apart once the truth is uncovered, and the secret of the baby’s paternity is revealed.

With terrorists trailing their every move, they could all end up dead. Unless they learn to trust in the promise of faith and family, holding on until the nightmare is over.

Fannie Yoder’s Dangerous Liaison

Contemporary Amish Romantic Suspense — 55K in edits

Scripture tells barren women to shout for joy, but Fannie Yoder, dutiful daughter and maiden aunt, is hiding a heart full of regrets beneath her plain clothes. Never more than when a Christmas communique, demanding she answer for her sins, transforms Gott’s Dalle into a hotbed of intrigue and dangerous doings.

Doings that could see her and the nephew she’s raising dead. And all because she broke Ordnung laws. There is no repenting.


But Gott provides.


Yuri Rachynko, surveilling Fannie on behalf of the Russian underground, knows that better than any. He’s scrabbled through every window, whether God opened it or not. But his latest and last assignment, intended to end his underworld ties, binds him tighter than he ever believed possible as the need to do the right thing bores a hole in his brain. Pinning the heart he’d forgotten he had and demanding it do more than merely keep him alive.


With killers hiding in plain sight, and obstacles running far deeper than bonnets and bullets, Fannie and Yuri fight for life, fearing their budding love almost as much as any assassin.