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Ash Keller–Fresh, FUNNY, and Wickedly Talented. A Must Read for Romantic Comedy!


Life is ripe with choices, spilled out like a Horn of Plenty. Cornucopias if you’re putting on airs. And why not? Accents and attitudes are fun. Entertaining, absolutely, but often necessary.

Who hasn’t changed their tone for that critical interview? The BE-THERE party or that dreaded public speaking encounter? (Raise a hand for keeping it real!)

But kid-me loved drawing cornucopias at the kitchen table when the leaves began to fall. Why? I could select my favorite things–grapes with fanciful tendrils, bumpy gourds, and yummy artichokes–and stuff them inside. Favorite things, in whatever color I chose, could spill out or hide in the tip.

The more the better.


There’s nothing like a jumbo box of Crayolas and a kid–of any age–eager to decide for herself. To choose her friends. Select her surroundings. And engage fully on the path chosen or change course with unflagging courage!


That leads me to today’s guest. The delightful and ever demonstrative, Ash Keller. Chock full of talent, brimming with personality, wholly accessible, and a consummate professional in terms of career and the care she extends everyone in her circle. She’s almost too dang fun.

Dead serious.

Ash writes romantic comedy from experience, folks, and how sweet it is.

This SASSY SCRIBE is one to watch for antics, information, and FIERCE mother-love. The bear type that roots out injustice, slays snarling or suited beasts, and plucks that thorn from your paw with the gentlest touch. (Okay, I’m thinking bear costume. I know Ash has a weakness for those lovely ones. Wild, YOU BET, and bad to the bone. I dig bears, too!)


The pairing of big dreams with big trouble is familiar territory for Ash. Absolutely read THE CHRISTMAS SECRET, Ash’s hilarious and so-sweet romantic comedy, one of eight diverse voices in SNOW IN LOVE: Sweet Romantic Holiday Collection.

Brought to you by Readertainment.

If you like your heroes broody and your heroines skilled, self-aware, and determined not to let moods or men ruin time spent in FORCED PROXIMITY, get thee to Amazon. NOW! The .99 cent pre-order price is days away from ending.

Do you really want to deprive yourself? I hope not if you follow this blog or happen to stop by. Whatever your catnip–GO FOR IT. Life is short and the chief reason to make this go-round count.

So, forgetting the serious, what’s your favorite time of year, Ash, and why?

Everyone loves fall, right? Sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes, bonfires! And Halloween is my very favorite holiday. My husband and I always throw a Halloween party (except this year…Covid is a party pooper) and I have tons of fun choosing a theme every October.

CHOOSING!!! Great theme, Ash, anytime of year, but we’re racking it up for #teampumpkinspice! Here’s a how-to from one of my favorites. The Mom Life Balance!

Then again, there’s a reason spring green is my favorite color. There’s nothing better than watching the earth come back to life after a harsh winter. And it’s the best time of year to put my pink kayak in the water. 


But it’s hard to beat summer. Fireflies, camping, lake days…need I say more?

The only season I’m not a fan of is winter. I hate to be cold. But that’s why God gave us electric blankets, hot chocolate, and snuggly cats! (YES, YES, and–hmmm–heck, YES!)


This talented must-read author has another romantic comedy on Amazon that you’ll really like. If close proximity and fake relationships–putting on attitude?–tickle your funny bone, check out Not Happy Campers, included in THE FUNNY THING ABOUT LOVE. A collection of feel-good sweet, romance stories by Enchanted Quill Press. How enchanting!

What’s your favorite animal, Ash? Do you have ONE??? This choosing business is difficult sometimes.


I’m a crazy cat lady. It’s a good thing I’m married or I’d have enough cats to form a kitty baseball team. My husband says no more than two…so we have three.


OMG. Crazy cat lady. Can you feel the fur, peeps? The love? There’s a reason Ash and I gravitated toward one another along with our SASSY SCRIBE sisters!

So, tell us more. I *KNOW* that can’t be all. Animal fans could use some assurance about sharing the cuddles with all God’s creatures. Empower us!


I also LOVE chickens and have a backyard flock. In exchange for eggs, I hand-feed them grapes. They spoil me so I spoil them. It’s only fair.

Oh, yes, bring on the feather babies. Hens are the BEST!! And with you giving them grapes, they will follow you to the ends of the earth. (Mine used to follow my shovel to get earthworms!)

What’s your biggest fantasy?

Paying off my student loans (and my husband’s!), buying an RV, and traveling to every national park. (In search of bears, I hope. Ash will keep us posted on her newsletter. Sign up for laughs and the continued assurance that what makes you smile is the way to go!)


Okay. Final question. Do you feel the pressure??? Think Miss Universe and tell me, would you strive for world peace? Why or why not?

Of course. What kind of monster wouldn’t want world peace?

FULL MARKS, Ash. Direct, impassioned, and too true. That must be why you pursue precisely that in your Horn of Plenty. That is the colorful embrace of life, love, GOOD HUMOR, and those little things that bring true joy. Your example is the best and something I’m determined to promote. Why? There are so many readers, writers, women, and men who will benefit from the go-for-it spirit that surrounds you. ((HUGS)) And thank you.

It’s been a pleasure, Ash, as always. And as I always do, I ask you dear readers to communicate with Ash and myself and all the SASSY SCRIBES. We’re determined to brighten our individual corners and yours, too. So, drop us a line. Help us help you. It really can be a win/win for world peace and a lot of laughs along the way there.

Write ON!






Author Recommendation CARE AND FEEDING OF WRITERS Cover Reveals Holiday Musings New Release

SNOW IN LOVE: And it’s not even Fall!


Okay, people. BIG changes going on at my house. Depression? NO. That’s SO last season and thank God. Thank you all, too. Very much.

Okay. I’m drawing energy from our bathroom remodel, too. BILs totally rock.

I’m here with big news. Really big. Life altering for me and about dang time. (Feel free to chime in below and tell me all about it. A kick in the skirts from good friends, delivered with LOVE, is better than any prescription. But I digress.)

Prep yourself for SASSY SCRIBES. My tribe–a fabulous collection of honest, emotion-filled, unashamed ladies who know precisely what to do when faced with life’s dramas–have a debut collection.

SNOW IN LOVE. It’s a sweet gathering of DIVERSE holiday romances that reflect us, the woman in all of us and the myriad voices that make us each unique. All in on place. And ALL FOR ONLY .99 CENTS … provided you order now. But, seriously, what is there to loose? (Anxiety? Disinformation? A Grinchy spirit?)

CLICK HERE–you KNOW you want to!

8 DYNAMIC romances

8 FRESH voices

8 REASONS to celebrate the SEASON (Cuddling up with those touching tales–and touchable heroes–that stir our hearts is a needs-must whether snow is flying or sun is baking. Am I right?)

Sweet HEAT at an unbeatable price. Order now at Amazon! Brought to you by Readertainment Press!

More to the point, I’d like to ask your patronage and support for our little tribe. Growing and, God willing, growing STRONG not only for ourselves but all of us. SASSY SCRIBES will bring you SWEET HEAT all-the-way! Want to see somethng? SAY something. We’re listening.

Look for more promos to come. More ENERGY. Collections. And all the tropes you love and more, explored from different points of view. But always with love. Empowerment is for EVERYONE.

Write on and huge HUGS!


p.s. Do drop the pairings you’d like to see in the comments below. Our bathroom remodel has me thinking harried career woman and the oh-so-capable craftsman next door! Helllo!

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Author Recommendation CARE AND FEEDING OF WRITERS Holiday Musings

Merry Christmas~and the very best of the season’s greetings to ALL!


Let me start by saying THANK YOU for the well wishes, prayer, and positive thoughts offered for a happy family reunion. Las Vegas was the bomb. A complete success and an entree to more of the same–warm family gatherings where “being there” for each other is the top priority.

In between Black Jack successes — the Grinch is seriously blessed in this way — slot machines, “Staying Alive” with the Australian Bee Gees, and Beetles LOVE (an utterly amazing experience at the Mirage one must witness to believe), our family moved forward to a new understanding. A new bond of acceptance, support, and mutual appreciation. (That happens when you get old. LoL.)

Much like my experience here with my extended writer’s/readers community. Being real is so much better than the false fronts we too often come to believe we need. (I still have some old habits to shed, but I’m working on it ;^)

So here’s a taste of the fun we had:

It was “Club MO” that was the real success. The make-shift disco where we could “relive” the ’70s in boogie-nights fashion. LoL. If you get the chance to go–GO!
If you’re “into” Beatles, you’ll dig this. If you’re not, you’ll be awed by the visual, audio, experiential buffet that supplies something for everyone–even the marvel-seeker who has to see things to believe them!
Clara Bow–the “IT Girl” flapper of the ’20s–would turn heads today. And how! Visiting the Mob Museum’s speakeasy taught me something of my grandparent’s world–times change, but people don’t. If liquor ever got outlawed, I just may turn to bootlegging–it’s in the blood!

Of course, there was plenty of GOOD EATS! We dined at Sinatra’s at the Encore (The Vegas must have for the Paisan in all of us) and Gordon Ramsay’s Steak House at the Paris–if you’re into MEAT, this is the place to go. And the Mob Museum–a relatively new addition to the Vegas experience–proved to be highly educational.

The colorful display of softcover, hard-boiled mystery novels from HARD CASE CRIME in the Mob Museum gift shop touched my core.

FABULOUS introspection and character development. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

I absolutely love the straight-shooting, first person narratives of what “could” happen to a regular Joe in a big, bad city. HARD CASE is dedicated to revisiting the era of pulp fiction classics, providing reprints of cult classics from authors like Donald E. Westlake and new infusions by today’s talented authors–Stephen King to name a more popular contributor.

Books are a lot like people. You may not relate to every one, but each has a unique something to offer. A tale to tell. A lesson to teach. A voice Taking the time to listen–sans judgement–can be the best way to grow and find that elusive peace that we all seek this time of year. And all year round.

Thank you all. Merry Christmas. Peace be to you. And blessings for one all–all year long.

Write on!

Author Recommendation Cover Reveals Holiday Musings New Release Writer's Tool Box

Christmas is the time for THANKSGIVING: and SWEET deals too good to miss!



Sorry, guys, but I’m too excited not to jump in!

Don’t let the fair weather fool you — there’s mystery, mayhem, MONEY, and Christmas Snow inside this sweet ROMANTIC deal!
You know you want to take him for a spin!

Check out the #BESTDEAL for #CLEAN #BILLIONAIRE romance to leave the dock. All ashore who’s going ashore, but for those who want to take a ride–GET READY–you’re going to #LOVE this trip!

Money, mystery, adventure, fantasy, #ROMANCE, and with #CHRISTMAS to boot. Consider gifting a friend!! ‘Tis the season! Available NOW on #Amazon for only $3.99.

That’s FIVE stories for less than a dollar each. #HELLO!!

ROMANCING THE BILLIONAIRE: 5 RICH ROMANCES is, without question, the #BESTCHRISTMASGIFTEVER for the sweet reader in your life! (If you’re not guilty-as-charged, you absolutely have at least one woman or man on your #Christmaslist who appreciates #adventure #romance #international #fantasy #mystery, and at the very least, a fabulous #DEAL!

Please, don’t dismiss the men in your life who, while not saying so, often appreciate the best in ALPHA heroes, STRONG heroines, FAMILY values, and an engrossing story. ROMANCING THE BILLIONAIRE is a GREAT read for men to get in touch with what women like. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.

Who’s to say that fiction can’t be factual when it comes to learning what others find deeply satisfying?

So here’s what you get:

Is this a murder for hire, a revenge killing, or a political assassination? Is the man with no memory a drug dealer, an FBI agent, or a billionaire?
While incognito, her Royal Highness- Princess Lucy Christianson offers assistance to a soot-covered, motorcycle-riding firefighter only to discover she just aided the one man her family wants her to marry.
She must return to her classroom in North Carolina at the end of her sabbatical. He would give her his fortune if she would stay and become his Lady Caroline.
How could she have given their child away? And how could Caro be so blind to a kindred spirit who, like her, is determined to do the right thing? But the right thing means finding the baby’s true mother, something Caro must convince Perry to do, even if it breaks his heart… and hers.
The cozy mystery series set in Saint Joseph, Michigan continues. It’s Halloween and Suzette can’t stop screaming.

Read all 5 stories for FREE on #KindleUnlimited. (Can’t beat that!) Your passage into passion-filled mystery and romance and fantasy is just a click away at:

#FGMNauthors #cleanromance #billionaireromance #cleanandwholesome #romanticsuspense #Christianfiction #contemporaryromance #newrelease #mustread #amreading #Christmasgift

And for all you WRITERS out there, take a look at this lovely setup. It’s a win/win for writers to gather together with one’s family–OUR TRIBE–and work together in a set to bring readers the stories they love. The mystery they crave. And the romance that’s often what it takes to put that secret smile on our faces.

Share the love. Share the #BOOKS. Follow my blog. PLEASE. And always….

Write on!

Holiday Musings Writer's Tool Box

First They Came for My Mattress: Out with the old!


The Grinch is at it again, not skulking back to his hidey-hole on Mt. Crumpet as is proper come New Years.  The furred menace is targeting my desk this time. My trusty chair, too. But, if I’m honest, the set isn’t mine.

Oh, the glory of goldenrod and olive green

The spindly number—where I often opt not to write—belongs to my husband. Desk and chair originally decorated his childhood room. The prisoner of war hut with the beginnings of a tunnel dug under the floorboards ala Hogan’s Heroes. (I’m not kidding.)

Check out the vintage upholstery. That’s vintage re-upholstery. (My MIL tried to get me to redo the chair like she did way back when. No comment about my husband’s fantasies about childhood escape ;^) Makes your back ache just looking at it, right?

Been there done that enough for one lifetime!

That’s the problem. Random spasms and sciatic nerve zingers aren’t my idea of a HAPPY NEW YEAR. I’ve visited there before. And while I’m not hobbling yet, the too familiar quakes making me wince have got to go. Health issues aside, the writing life is serious business. The craftsmen needs his tools. Her tools! And while I didn’t begin this blog with a resolution in mind, I’m making one.

Out with the old. Toss old habits, old tools, and old whatever if it no longer works and/or causes you grief. (I’m not dumping myself but the clinging vine bit isn’t working. At least not with worn out furnishings.) Donating castoffs is a great way to overcome. Says the woman with separation anxiety. But, hey, someone in need of a child’s desk may squee over that which makes my back sob. (Second hand stores are the bomb!)

Boo has zero issue with new things. See it. Sniff it. Claim it.

And Boo is sure to appreciate the extra space. She’s been cramped lately what with me wanting to sit at the desk and open my laptop. She made sure to stop by and see what I was writing about.

So it’s no Grinch who wants to remove this beloved hazard and make way for a new desk set. But you knew that already.

Write on!

Holiday Musings

Santa Claus – Essential Personnel


Christmas Eve is Serious Business

There’s no bah humbug at Peterson Airforce Base tonight, not even amid potentially grinchy government shutdowns. Santa Claus DOES NOT stop his Christmas deliveries. The 1,500 person crew of NORAD Santa Tracker, consisting of military personnel and volunteers, are busy on rotating two-hour shifts. Giving up time with friends and family to do something kind for other people’s children.

Santa making his appointed rounds

Keeping satellites trained on the red suited wonder and answering children’s questions—if Santa Claus is real, where his travels take him, and what they’d like to receive—is the order of the day. All day. Santa’s duties take him around the globe, after all. Sounds expensive.

But no worries.

“Any funding involved was approved before the budget standoff,” the AP reports. Not that Americans were really concerned about that. Christmas comes despite the Grinch, a fictional nasty often used to paint someone else as the bad guy.

The greatest gift too often forgotten

But God is good. He gave us His only begotten Son. His gifts are without measure for those who receive Him. And His Spirit remains. So, like it or not, the tradition of giving and receiving—often in secret with no thank you—won’t stop. It can’t. Not even when folks commercialize Santa Claus to excess. And why wouldn’t they if they don’t know the story?

So if you know the meaning of Christmas, and the origin of Santa Claus, pass it on. Most don’t know that the fantasy gift-giver is based on the 4th century Bishop of Myra, St. Nichols who purportedly, “rescued three girls from being forced into prostitution by dropping a sack of gold coins through the window of their house each night for three nights so their father could pay a dowry for each of them.” Wiki continues to explain that, “after his parents died, Nicholas is said to have distributed their wealth to the poor.”

So, despite the marketing mayhem, Santa Claus is about giving. Spreading joy and good will to those you know and those you don’t. The NORAD Santa Tracker is too!

“Colonel” Santa

Terri Van Keuren, Rick Shoup, and Pam Farrell—the children of NORAD’s “Colonel Santa” also known as Colonel Harry Schoup—recall how it all began to NPR:

Terri remembers her dad had two phones on his desk, including a red one. “Only a four-star general at the Pentagon and my dad had the number,” she says.

“This was the ’50s, this was the Cold War, and he would have been the first one to know if there was an attack on the United States,” Rick says.

The red phone rang one day in December 1955, and Shoup answered it, Pam says. “And then there was a small voice that just asked, ‘Is this Santa Claus?’

The straight-laced Shoup, not one for monkey business, wasn’t amused. But the crying boy on the other end of the red phone eventually convinced the colonel the call was no joke. So Schoup ho-ho-hoed and subsequently discovered from the child’s mother that the classified number had been advertised by Sears. Oops.

Maybe not a wrong number!

The red phone kept ringing. Shoup assigned airmen to play Santa. Something that seemed silly at first, but the children were overjoyed. Newspapers called and were told that NORAD was tracking Santa. And why not? The red-phone number was blown. The world was on the edge of cold-war explosion. Kids were traumatized by air raid drills and talk of the bomb. (Those duck-and-cover exercises were still in force in the ’70’s.)

But instead of going Grinch, Colonel Shoup picked up the duty Providence supplied. He embraced his inner Santa–giving to those who needed something. Even if it was the assurance that they were covered where Santa Claus was concerned. “He got letters from all over the world, people saying, ‘Thank you, Colonel,’ for having, you know, this sense of humor. And in his 90s, he would carry those letters around with him in a briefcase that had a lock on it like it was top-secret information.”

His children all agree that despite their father’s serious contributions to the safety of this nation, his actions as Colonel Santa are those of which he was most proud.

Thank goodness for essential personnel, and the Christmas spirit that lives on despite grinches, government shutdowns, and a penchant for commercialism that that would have us ignore Santa Claus when we need him the most.

Write on!

Holiday Musings

The Grinch Who Stole My Mattress


The resemblance is uncanny, but this is not my husband

No, my husband is not Jim Carrey. He doesn’t have a shaggy, lime-green Grinch suit, but his insistence on taking away my Christmas comforts—all year comfort—has me cranky. Grinchy. In the mood to grouse, gripe, suspect everything, inspect and find shortcomings where none exist.


The man STOLE my mattress. You know when anyone says they just want to go home, they’re really talking about their bed. That’s their bed. Not some foreign thing that feels different, smells different, sleeps different—you get the idea.

But now, my pillow topped lovely bought at a Monkey Ward’s super sale—if you remember Montgomery Ward’s brick-and-mortar stores we should talk—is tossed out. Donated. (To whom I have no idea. Who would take a 27 year old mattress?)

Not the slumber party you were thinking of

The springy wonder where I bounced my babies and found countless hours of blessed end-of-the-day comfort is gone. Gone with the dust mites that likely called it home, too, but I’m a sharing person. No more pulling up the covers on old faithful and shinnying down to shut the world out for any of us.

Enter the Boll & Branch mattress. Hand-made. Organic cotton? There’s something like that in there. Endless layers of unknown substances—I don’t want to know—will now serve where my pillow top did just fine. Although their idea of California King doesn’t quite match the California Kings of old. Could be there are new sheets in the offing. It’s a conspiracy!!

My husband is buzzing with excitement. I should be too, right? You have to buy new sometime. And after nearly three decades of use, it was time. So why do I feel so bad? Resentful? Frustrated that my bed’s gone?

It’s not like I don’t have a place to sleep. I do. And it’s supposed to be fantastic. (It probably will be after the separation anxiety wears off. And here I thought I was a low maintenance person. LoL.)

First world problems are the worst. Reason being you feel like an idiot on top of having whatever issue you’re letting ruin your day—typically a non-issue. Sometimes you’re upset about something that should—and will—make you very happy.

That’s what I’m doing. Making something out of nothing. It’s just a mattress. It’s. A. NEW. Mattress. Time to own my inner Grinch and then let him go. I’ll sleep better.

Write on.

Holiday Musings

Got books? Give thanks!


What does Thanksgiving mean?

To the majority in the United States, Thanksgiving translates into jumbo turkeys, sage stuffing, pumpkin pies, loosened belts or afternoon sweat pants, friends, family, wine (some whining) and endless expectations of the perfect holiday. Good food and good family equals an overall good time.


But for all the anticipation–and preparation–Thanksgiving should be a day we take stock of those gifts we’ve overlooked, taken for granted, or dismissed as not even being a gift but a given. That means, even if your year hasn’t been the best, even if you don’t have a turkey, you should be grateful it wasn’t worse.

You can look at the lemons of previous posts and take them as a boon. Without the dark, we’d never recognize the light. We’d be ignorant of what good means. Understanding the value of friends, family, health, and prosperity would disappear.

And if you can read this post, be THANKFUL. Reading is one given we often overlook.

But how many people can’t read? Have you ever thought about that? I have, not as often as I should, but the thought arises. Reason being, I taught my three children to read, and it was a singular pleasure. The passing of the golden key.

Teaching my children their letters and a love of books is something I treasure. So is my home library that houses tattered favorites along with a wealth of primary source chronicles of Wild West American history, medieval research material, great American novels, jumbo coffee table books of art throughout the ages and maps. Spiritual classics have their own shelf. 

But if you’re thinking I have some grandiose home, think again.

Our house is in the suburbs. It looks the same as any other—despite the romantic notion of singularity. The “library” was/is a gift, a result of dark times. My deep green happy space complete with cozy chairs and collectables is a reminder that struggles end and, while new ones await, it’s the acknowledgement of what matters that sees us through. So the front room that would typically morph into office space and/or storage for the best furniture in the house, houses the words of others.

Their story.

Our story.

 “Reading is an invaluable skill that’s important to just about every aspect of our daily lives, from communications to the way we work to the food we eat,” Credit Donkey reports. But readers don’t need a study to tell them that. And yet we privileged often forget that, “The ability to read and understand text is something that children typically begin to pick up on beginning around age five or six, but for some, reading doesn’t click right away. If kids struggle with reading in their younger years, it increases the odds that they’ll do so as adults.”

I am so thankful to pass on that knowledge, and to enjoy the trials of others who worked dilligently to convey wisdom and wit to the benefit of people they would never know. So if you’re wondering about a Thanksgiving tradition to pick up—or a means to manage those fussy tots and often fussier adults consider this:

Read to your guests. Pass the gravy–squabbles may ensue if you don’t–but please pass on the seasoning of life that lasts a for generations if you let it. Read. Teach others to indulge. To appreciate it. And if my holiday offerings aren’t to your tastes, please, check out my fellow wordies, Ashley, Isabelle, Heather, René, and Lilly who may tickle your taste buds. I wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and encourage you to always…

Write on!

Holiday Musings

Happy Halloween. Now stop haunting yourself


What scares you?

While the world preps for Halloween spookies–typically begun long before darkness descends–its time for writers to engage those spirits.

The real ones that haunt us on a regular basis: fear, pride, taking on more candy than we can chew. Never letting that manuscript leave home so it’ll stay safe from all the night crawlers helps no one. Night crawlers being readers, critique partners, editors, agents. Anyone who can call out those aspects of our work that aren’t what they should be are too often avoided.

Like daylight, or venturing from the safety of cat, couch, and keyboard.

We’re all hiding from something. Plagued by something.

Check out Steve Laube’s killer article–that’s death by laughter–on Writer’s Phobias. Analyzing the truth about what scares you often leads to a humorous defeat of those night bumping specters that are really nothing to fear.

A Writer’s Phobias

So, what’s plaguing you?

If you name it, you can defeat it. Whether you join the combox with Steve, leave a comment here, or just discuss what’s bugging you with a pal, it’s time to kick those ghosties out of your house.

And out of your head.

Write on!