To Alexa or not to Alexa – that’s MY question.

I ADORE boxes!!! Okay, I’m not asking anymore. I installed Amazon’s Echo Dot moments ago. (You know the scary artificial intelligence gal who listens to everything you say and even tells jokes?) Music, recipes, the latest news and weather are now at my fingertips – scratch that – I don’t have to type. Wow. Alexa …

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Designer Babies or Science Slaves?

Okay, I write inspired romantic suspense, but this latest scary tech has my mind reeling. Reeling with potential horror stories, but not fiction. He jiankui wants to stop AIDS Sputniknewsreports, “He Jiankui, a researcher from Shenzhen, announced in an interview with AP news agency that he had recently helped the first twin girls (Lulu and Nana) with modified DNA …

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