Is this a one-stop shop?

Oh, yes! If you crave Try-Me Alphas, Watch-It-Mister Heroines, and inspired Run-For-Your-Life Romantic Suspense, you’re in the right place. We have “Clean Shorts” Romantic Comedies, recommendations, occasional freebie alerts and assorted other lovelies.

What I need is you. Your voice, your view, and your support. Want to see something? Say something.

I’m eclectic by nature and nature abhors a vacuum. So if I’m missing something, please, reach out and touch someone. Preferably, me. Follow me and I’ll return the favor. Together we can change the world one tale at a time….

…even if your world consists of a locked room, bubbles & bath salts, and whatever it takes to help you unwind!! (Amazon Affiliate Links are used here as self-care costs $$$. But we’re worth it!)