Calling all lovers of clean romance!

If you prefer your romance sweet, clean, and FREE on Kindle Unlimited--yes, some pay for the privilege--take advantage. Remember. Use the service for which you pay to find what you want. Daily, hourly, & moment-by-moment. Time is money. And time is wasting. (Can you believe we're in October already?) Don't cheat yourself. Indulge. Browse. Window… Continue reading Calling all lovers of clean romance!

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Writing Tip: STOP Writing

Ready, get set, STOP WRITING!

No, seriously. If you want to write well, check out this must read by short story novelist and reading enthusiast Kayla Ann. Published and well on her way to holding a Masters in English/Creative writing, she gets the impulse to forge on.

What serious writer doesn’t?

The MUSE is demanding if nothing else. She can also hide a great many warts that we writers will not see if we rush to get our darlings out the door. Don’t believe me? Read on…and I hope you’ll join me in following Kayla Ann.

Write on!


“Stop writing?!”

“But Kayla,” you may ask me, “how can you tell me to stop writing? Shouldn’t we keep writing? After all, we are writers! How can we be writers if we are not writing? How does stopping our writing actually help our writing? Isn’t that contradictory?”

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Now before you turn away from me and shake your head in disgust, hear me out.

I’m not saying that we should stop all writing. I am saying that you should stop working on the project you’re currently working on once you have finished it. For writers there is this huge urge that once we finally finish a project we automatically want to go back through, edit, and send it to a publisher. It’s just not realistic guys. In order for a work to be good you need to utilize the power of distance.

Now some of you may be wondering…

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Care and Feeding of Roses: Not Your Everyday Garden Guide

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Friends: There’s no LIVING without them!

First, dear readers, thank you for being my friends. I love the follows, the posts, the connections being created by blogging on WordPress, engaging on Facebook and Twitter. Diving into Instagram and now LinkedIn is providing an even greater social circle. (Something I often lacked as a homeschooling mom whose husband’s career required our family… Continue reading Friends: There’s no LIVING without them!

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Dishing with Di: Snow Days!

Depending on your age, station in life, and where you live, a snowy day means different things. FUN times--and not a care in the world! As a kid, seeing those fat fluffy flakes falling to earth means snow angels, snow balls, snowmen.  For some it could be a sled, a toboggan, skiing.  Possibly, a day… Continue reading Dishing with Di: Snow Days!

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Celebration Exodus: Move it on out, girl!

OMG - maybe that was Bruce Willis manhandling boxes in my room? It came. The new chair! And a desk actually intended for an adult. Squeee. Check out the Grinch doing what grinches do—at least in my house. Mattresses aren't their only fetish. Apparently, there's something primal about schlepping two ton boxes and "building" desks.… Continue reading Celebration Exodus: Move it on out, girl!

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Dishing with Di: Bygone Days

So much is missing! History wasn’t my favorite subject in school.  All those dry dates of battles and events.  Bleh!  These days I’m not sure true history is even taught.  During my teens my favorite books to read were those romances set in the south, ala: GONE WITH THE WIND.  Personally, I thought Scarlett a… Continue reading Dishing with Di: Bygone Days

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Want a long life? Avoid Men!

Yes, I still write romance. I’ll be making an announcement soon about contracts and other lovelies. But this tidbit from Healthy Food House—an oldie but a goodie—is too choice to pass. (Not like men ;^) Come to mama! Seriously, though. When you want something, it’s typically a good idea to ask those who’ve already got—how… Continue reading Want a long life? Avoid Men!

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Human Compost: Forget RIP

Does ending your life’s journey in a cramped coffin turn you off? Want to keep being productive? Remain a vital part of the scenery? Stay tuned. Go back to nature! Pushing up daisies—or veggies if you’re into that—may be the thing in Washington State as legislators seek to change the law about composting human remains.… Continue reading Human Compost: Forget RIP

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Dishing with Di: Could this be Spring?

December 21st marked the "official" opening of winter, yet spring has been teasing us in Maine.  Rain and wind has cleared the snow and ice off the roofs, melting much of the white stuff off the ground.  This is winter? The officials must be wrong. Considering we got snow two days before Halloween, what’s a… Continue reading Dishing with Di: Could this be Spring?