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‘Tis the Season to Stuff Your Stocking!

Season's Greetings, Peeps. Ann here, the helpful elf. Christmas is fast approaching. Faster if you haven't finished your shopping or begun. (Don't want to make anyone cringe. Check out these book bundles and smile for a while! Being an Amazon Affiliate is making me smile. So, have mercy and click the pics and links. Empty-nesting… Continue reading ‘Tis the Season to Stuff Your Stocking!

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Worst Mistake or Best Thing Since Adam woke up to Eve??

You tell me, dear readers. I've received the proper blessing of one and all in this attempt to remain sane -- not quite penning psalms but that's okay! I've been hunkered all summer penning Christmas romance. FUN much?? YESSSSSSSS! Covid has brought about a shift in yours truly. And getting my humor on has taken… Continue reading Worst Mistake or Best Thing Since Adam woke up to Eve??

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She’s keeping her baby–FALLEN ANGEL: Diamond Dogs Book 1

She's #keepingherbaby. Join rape survivor Angel le Blanc on a terror fueled mission to stay alive. . . if only to protect her innocent child. #inspy #Christian #newrelease #mustread #romanticsuspense #prolife #amreading This is only some of the ad copy I'm engaging to spread the word about my debut novel FALLEN ANGEL: Diamond Dogs Book… Continue reading She’s keeping her baby–FALLEN ANGEL: Diamond Dogs Book 1

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Celebration Exodus: Move it on out, girl!

OMG - maybe that was Bruce Willis manhandling boxes in my room? It came. The new chair! And a desk actually intended for an adult. Squeee. Check out the Grinch doing what grinches do—at least in my house. Mattresses aren't their only fetish. Apparently, there's something primal about schlepping two ton boxes and "building" desks.… Continue reading Celebration Exodus: Move it on out, girl!

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Lessons from Chickens #2

Are you in need of writerly wisdom? Something to push you past cringing at your less-than-perfect WIP?

Check out Ashley Storm’s Lessons from Chickens, a savvy southern take on the writerly life and how wisdom can be drawn from one’s backyard.

Write on!

Ashley Storm

A few years ago, on a gorgeous fall afternoon, I came home to a horrific sight: a yard full of chicken feathers. So. Many. Feathers. I feared the worst: that one–or both–of my chickens had been attacked and killed by a predator. In a panic, I ran around the house to search for my girls. When I found them, they were happily scratching the ground, without a care in the world.

My panic didn’t end, though. Oh, no. One of the hens looked dreadful. Once a beautiful bird with shiny black feathers that shimmered in the sunlight, she was now nearly bald. I sent pictures to a chicken group on Facebook, begging for help in diagnosing the horrific disease that had befallen my cherished chicken. Needless to say, I was mocked mercilessly. I didn’t mind, though, because my chicken was fine. She was merely molting, a totally natural process. Shedding…

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Deception, Lies, Pressure | Single Christian Girl

Attention writers and readers of Inspy Romance.

This just in from Inside Cup. Blogger and devoted Christian, T.R. Noble has some serious charges to level at the Christian Romance genre.

Is she right? Wrong?

Has the Inspirational market crossed the line into glorified temptation? Or is Noble, despite noble intentions, seeking a scapegoat for fallen human nature?

It’s often not a love of the Lord that sees temptation everywhere.

It’s fear. (And not the filial kind that places abundant trust in a loving Father.)

Write on…

Inside Cup

This is at least going to be a two-part post series. Today is the introduction. We’re going to discuss how deception sinks not only in romance movies/books but in Christian romance novels as well. We’re going to talk about the pressure set in the world around us. 

Looking back now, I only had media and the googly eyes students gave each other in the hall to have a glimpse of what I thought was a relationship in the world of dating. I honestly think my main desire at 12 was to be liked by someone. For someone to notice me like I noticed them. *Cue the imaginative “fantasy” of the boy I crushed on saying he liked me. Gasp! And end curtain. 

That was it.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 12.19.29 AM

I truly had NO idea what a relationship in the sense of dating meant, and I was young enough to not fully grasp how special…

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