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Overcoming Summer Stall: A writer’s guide to get going.

It's supposed to be FUN! Summer is here and I’m so glad. The gentle breezes, the abundance of birds and squirrels, the SUN. I never believed I was dependent on the latter. Having grown up in San Jose, California, I took sunshine for granted. Truth is I longed as a child to move somewhere I… Continue reading Overcoming Summer Stall: A writer’s guide to get going.

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Sit-Down with J. Carol Nemeth: Winged Publications’ Romantic Suspense Powerhouse

Do you ever wonder about the person behind the prose? What is it that makes words sing, moving you to turn pages? Pens don't write; people do! I do. That's why I enjoy getting to know the force behind the proverbial pens. No matter how advanced technology becomes, there's no bypassing the root cause of… Continue reading Sit-Down with J. Carol Nemeth: Winged Publications’ Romantic Suspense Powerhouse

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Sherri Stewart: The Wrong Suitcase

At home or abroaddon't forgetTHE WRONG SUITCASE! Are you ready for summer? A break from winter wet and cold? Do you want an extension of that too-short spring break? I do. Five days in Arizona visiting my Melanie was NOT enough. (The sun took a vacation and left us both with blustery winds that kept… Continue reading Sherri Stewart: The Wrong Suitcase

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Erin Unger: Practicing Murder

Well, now that I've got your attention, it's time for a sit-down with Erin. No, she's not actually killing anyone, but that can't be said of her skillfully crafted villains who wield psychotic tendencies like a scalpel. Chilling? You bet. Check. IT. Out!!! Practicing MURDER - by Erin Unger (Releasing March 29, 2019!) INTENSE Cover!… Continue reading Erin Unger: Practicing Murder


Slow and Steady: Writer’s Life Lessons from the Oldest Animal on Earth!

Which are YOU? Slow and steady wins the race. How often have you heard that tortoise and the hare reference? I’ve lived with it my whole life since I have a fascination with shelled babies. And yet a tendency to go wild-hare trips me up too often. (Remember, I’m the one who almost stomped her… Continue reading Slow and Steady: Writer’s Life Lessons from the Oldest Animal on Earth!

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June Foster: The Long Way Home

It's a long road to a published book. Let's just say it. The journey from first spark, crafting characters, making settings come alive, to destination HEA --it all takes time. And more than a touch of Providence. But knowing where to start is helpful. Knowing what to cut out is even better. So before I… Continue reading June Foster: The Long Way Home

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Christian Fiction: Personal Shopper

No do-overs for wasted time! Time is precious. Productive people make the most of it. Those with too much time often waste what they have, regretting it later when time has run out. But whether you're pressed or blessed with abundance, if you like a good inspy, you'll LOVE this new service offered by Christian… Continue reading Christian Fiction: Personal Shopper

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Clarity & Discussion With A Christian Romance Novelist

Christian blogger and dedicated follower, T.R. Noble and I jumped back Inside the Cup to discuss crossing the line in Christian Romance.

Come on in.

The water–coffee in my case–is fine.

Write on!

Inside Cup

Near the beginning of August of this year, I had a post series for the Single Christian Girl.

Check out Deception, Lies, Pressure | Single Christian Girl

I received a reblog from blogger and Christian Romance novelistAnn Malley with a comment introducing this post, and it really got me to think about certain things I probably should clarify.

Ann, in her amazing back cover promotion of the post, poses the question if, in my post, I am seeking a scapegoat for fallen human nature. She also brings up something I don’t know why I haven’t thought about before, “glorified temptation.” That, in itself, is something to write on. What a powerful term.

She promoted the post not only to her readers but to me. Convincing me to reread the post and reflect.

And reflect I did. In fact, I retweeted her post and we started discussing Christian Romance…

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Deception, Lies, Pressure | Single Christian Girl

Attention writers and readers of Inspy Romance.

This just in from Inside Cup. Blogger and devoted Christian, T.R. Noble has some serious charges to level at the Christian Romance genre.

Is she right? Wrong?

Has the Inspirational market crossed the line into glorified temptation? Or is Noble, despite noble intentions, seeking a scapegoat for fallen human nature?

It’s often not a love of the Lord that sees temptation everywhere.

It’s fear. (And not the filial kind that places abundant trust in a loving Father.)

Write on…

Inside Cup

This is at least going to be a two-part post series. Today is the introduction. We’re going to discuss how deception sinks not only in romance movies/books but in Christian romance novels as well. We’re going to talk about the pressure set in the world around us. 

Looking back now, I only had media and the googly eyes students gave each other in the hall to have a glimpse of what I thought was a relationship in the world of dating. I honestly think my main desire at 12 was to be liked by someone. For someone to notice me like I noticed them. *Cue the imaginative “fantasy” of the boy I crushed on saying he liked me. Gasp! And end curtain. 

That was it.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 12.19.29 AM

I truly had NO idea what a relationship in the sense of dating meant, and I was young enough to not fully grasp how special…

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